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Principles of Policy-based governance
by Jim LaDoux on January 3rd, 2024
By Jim LaDoux 1 | Trust in Trusteeship.The board of a nonprofit or public organization represents the ownership of the organization. It governs on behalf of all the affected persons who are not seated at the board table. It must therefore establish, maintain, clarify, and protect its relationship with the organization's “owners.”2 | The board speaks with one voice or not at all.When boards make au...  Read More
Sample interview questions
by Jim LaDoux on December 23rd, 2023
By Jim LaDoux One of the most important leadership roles is to equip the right people for the right positions where they can thrive and produce transformational ministry. Selecting the right people is crucial and one of the key elements is to interview potential candidates to see if they're the right  fit for your organization and the specific ministry they'd contribute to. Listed below are sample...  Read More
Position people for maximum impact
by Jim LaDoux on November 28th, 2023
By Jim LaDoux Church transformation occurs faster when all stakeholders make tangible contributions every month to its mission. People to contribute best when they know the big picture, the plan for moving forward, and how they can personally contribute in the next 30-90 days. Most people are "sprinters" rather than "marathoners." They prefer short-term commitments that can be completed in less th...  Read More
5 elements that foster great meetings
by Jim LaDoux on November 24th, 2023
The longer you lead, the more you’ll find yourself in meetings. They might be staff meetings, departmental meetings, board meetings, one-on-one meetings, or meetings with your volunteers, but there is never a shortage of meetings for leaders to attend.At the same time, we’ve all found ourselves in meetings that were poorly led and a total waste of our time. And if we’re honest, we’ve probably led ...  Read More
10 tips for conducting staff reviews
by Jim LaDoux on July 21st, 2023
By Jim LaDoux 1 | Choose the right setting. Determine what kind of setting would be most conducive for a fruitful conversation. Your office provides a professional atmosphere and clarifies respective roles for staff but can also be an emotionally sterile environment. Explore doing reviews over a meal at a local restaurant or a more neutral setting than the supervisor’s office.2 | Set aside suffici...  Read More