Do you feel stuck?

It's easy to become stuck in patterns of thinking, being, and doing that no longer best serve ourselves and the people we're called to serve.  When we get to this point, we need a reset, where we can review what's actually going on in our lives and ministries. We need to rethink our attitudes, assumptions, approaches, and norms as we discern what a preferred future looks like for us. Then we need to reimagine and reinvent a better, brighter future using road maps that help us navigate our next steps in life and ministry.
Surface to Soul offers training, coaching, and resources that help individuals and organizations to:

  1. Grow vibrant faith as they learn to live and love like Jesus.
  2. Grow agile leaders who lead individuals, teams, and congregations well.
  3. Grow vital congregations that strive to change their course, culture, and systems.
  4. Grow skilled coaches who use powerful questions help others be their best selves.
  5. Reinvent their futures by rethinking their assumptions, actions, and approaches.

Surface to Soul offers five pathways for facilitating transformation which include:
  1. Practical training that can be delivered in person, online, and asynchronously.
  2. Transformational coaching for individuals, teams, and task forces.
  3. ICF-certified coach training where leaders master 8 essential coaching skills.
  4. Assessments to pinpoint areas of life, leadership, and ministry that need greater attention.
  5. Tools that pinpoint current challenges and accelerate your pace of transformation.

Is your life or ministry in need of reinvention?

Surface to Soul is a place to obtain tools and resources  that help people live, lead, and love like Jesus. We help leaders align their actions, approaches, and attitudes with God's dream for the world. 
We believe that living a Jesus-centered life changes everything. We are invited to be living expressions of Jesus Christ in the world, where we have opportunities to leave a legacy of God's love every day, everywhere.

Grow Vibrant Faith

  • Experience God's abundant love
  • Seek to follow in the way of Jesus
  • Engage in Christ-centered conversations
  • Are mindful of God's presence
  • Enjoy authentic, affirming friendships
  • Live generously and joyfully
  • View milestones as sacred moments
  • Embrace and live into their callings

Grow Agile Leaders

WHO . . .
  • Are self- and socially-aware
  • Create habits and norms
  • Seek to understand & listen actively
  • Are fully present and naturally curious
  • Listen, observe, experiment, and reflect
  • Inspire a clear, compelling shared vision
  • Multiply impact by developing new leaders
  • Model a life well-lived.

Grow Vital Congregations

Grow Skilled Coaches

  • Have a clear and compelling vision
  • Have road map to navigate next steps
  • Model Christ-centered community
  • Create safe space for crucial conversations
  • Are willing to listen, learn, and innovate
  • Help people live into their callings
  • Create systems to support mission
  • Review results & rethink their ministries
  • Understand the unique role of a coach
  • Create safe space for crucial conversations
  • How to facilitate powerful conversations
  • Help people let go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Evoke new possibilities in people's lives
  • Gain skills for leading transformation
  • Design road maps that list next steps
  • Help people navigate next steps

Meet the team.

Jim LaDoux

Director of Training & Coaching

Rev. Dr. Felix Villanueva, MCC

Director of Coaching School, MCC

Rev. Dr. Mark Slaughter

Vital Churches Coach

Cris Alsum


Jim's Perspective on Leading Change

Jim believes that coaching is about asking the right questions, at the right time, with the right people to align ourselves with God’s dreams for the world. Coaching helps people discover “what is” and “what might be." If you or your leaders feel stuck and wish to move beyond a "good enough" mindset, then consider using a coach to call forth new possibilities in your life.
Jim oversees Vibrant Faith’s coaching and consulting services where he helps leaders grow vibrant faith and vital congregations through aligning people's gifts and passions with God's intentions.  In the past, he has served Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches as a staff member while also training, coaching and consulting with 100s of churches across the country. Jim is author of two books, Surface to Soul and Coaching Change,  that provide tools for reinventing our lives and ministries.

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