C O A C H I N G 
   leaders  to  .  .  .                              


   clearly  and  consistently


   Build Christ-centered 


   Be good  STEWARDS     

   of  God's abundance


into daily & weekly plans

     LEAD  well     

     using  ministry  maps     

  LIVE  well  by  crafting  a  rule  of  life

   Build  SYSTEMS

   to support transformation

to REINVENT your  future

Bringing  out  God's  best  in  you  and  your  teams

Surface to Soul is a place to obtain tools and resources  that help people live, lead, and love like Jesus. We help leaders align their actions, approaches, and attitudes with God's dream for the world. 
We believe that living a Jesus-centered life changes everything. We are invited to be living expressions of Jesus Christ in the world, where we have opportunities to leave a legacy of God's love every day, everywhere.

We Build Disciples

  • Who practice faith everyday, everywhere.
  • Who cultivate authentic, affirming friendships.
  • Who give generously & joyfully.
  • Who exemplify God's unconditional love.
  • Who celebrate & honor their callings.
  • Who know & help others follow Jesus.

We Build Leaders

  • Who inspire a shared vision.
  • Who raise up new leaders.
  • Who set, review & celebrate goals.
  • Who listen more than they tell.
  • Who risks failure to fulfill God's dreams.
  • Who build up the body of Christ.

We Build Great Teams

  • Who are humble, hungry & self-aware.
  • Who ask, observe,  improve &  innovate.
  • Who do less but go deeper.
  • Who position people for maximum impact.
  • Who model the way for others.
  • That ask, "Is there a better way?"

Discover ways to live and lead well.

You're invited to journey with me about the things that matter most - relationships, faith, callings, and passions. If you believe that God is up to something, that God is active in this world, and that you want to be "on mission" with God for the the good of the world,  then let's talk about what that looks like in your daily life. 

What Jim is listening to and watching this week

Coaching Mastery by Dr.  Felix Villanueva

Great Coaching  Questions by Sean Smith

About Jim

Jim oversees Vibrant Faith’s coaching and consulting services where he helps leaders grow vibrant faith and vital congregations through aligning people's gifts and passions with God's intentions.  In the past, he has served Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches as a staff member while also training, coaching and consulting with 100s of churches across the country. Jim is author of two books, Surface to Soul and Coaching Change,  that equip leaders to transform lives and church culture.

Jim believes that coaching is about asking the right questions, at the right time, with the right people  to align ourselves with God’s dreams for the world. Coaching  helps people discover “what is” and “what might be" as they celebrate bright spots, focuses on their strengths, and draws upon people's wisdom. If you or your leaders feel stuck and wish to move beyond a "good enough" mindset, then consider how coaching might help you calls forth new possibilities in your life, church or community.


Husband & Father

Author & Trainer

Coach & Consultant

  • Married for 31 years to wife, Gina.
  • Father to 2 sons, Brett and Kenton.
  • Enjoy travel and boating as a family.
  • Author, Surface to Soul and Coaching Change.
  • Facilitator, Leading Well Learning Retreats.
  • Lead trainer for Vibrant Faith Coaching School.
  • Help leaders find ways to live and lead well.
  • Coach groups toward a better, brighter future.
  • Help churches become un stuck; thrive.

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