Rethink Principles, Practices & Approaches


A Christ-centered Community seeking to live and lead well everyday

Rethink & Reinvent your Leadership

Rethink Principles

Worship | Rest | Recreation
Model the way
Establish adequate margins for  renewal.
Reclaim your interests and hobbies.
Do less and delegate more.

Rethink Practices

Befriending | Encouraging | Crowd sourcing
Model the way
Inspire a shared vision
Enable others to act.
Encourage the heart
Engage in crucial conversations

Rethink Approaches

Rethink Assumptions | Reimagine Possibilities
Talk less, listen more.
Learn the art of noticing.
Learn to experiment and learn from results.
Build feedback loops into all activities.


Training Ideas & Applications




Define your leadership truths & style
  • Leadership is about influence. Think legacy.
  • Leadership is a choice. What will you transform?
  • Leadership is built on trust; must be modeled.
  • Leadership is a team sport; you can't do it alone.
  • Leadership is an affair of the heart.
  • The best leaders develop more new leaders.
  • The best leaders are askers & learners.
  • Are willing to be authentic? Courageous?
  • Think WHAT, SO WHAT, and NOW WHAT.
List the leadership you master to lead well
  • EMBODY (model) the way for others.
  • ENVISION a shared, preferred future.
  • ENLIST humble, hungry, & self-aware leaders.
  • ENABLE others to act through good systems.
  • ENGAGE people in crucial conversations.
  • EQUIP leaders to act, inspect & innovate.
  • EMPOWER leaders to own their growth.
  • ENCOURAGE & dream with your leaders.
Questions about drafting Your Leadership Formation Plan
  • What your history with setting & reviewing goals?
  • What will you no longer tolerate?
  • What's working for you?  What's not working?
  • What do you need to say NO to right now?
  • What's missing in your life?
  • When and where will you review/update your plan?
  • What's your learning goal? What skill will you develop?
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Recommended Leadership Books

Leadership Events & Resources


November 14-17, 2023

Onsite retreats are held at Spirit in the Desert Conference Center, located in Carefree, Arizona.  Click here to learn more or register.

Sample TRIP Road Map (Jim's 2023 Plans)

TREASURE Plans  -  Meaningful, memorable moments or milestones
  • JAN: Go to Ireland, Wales, and England with son, Brett).
  • MAR: Rest and relax with Gina in Phoenix/Tucson.
  • NOV: Reduce weight to 178#.

REINVENT Plans  | New  norms and routines to create
  • FEB: Awake at 5am; go to bed at 10am, and schedule 2-hour deep dives every week.
  • SEP: Reinvent how I manage documents & files.
  • SEP: Reinvent how I process emails and other information.
  • DEC: Reinvent how I collaborate with  VFM staff and ministry teams.
  • DEC: Reinvent how repurpose training/coaching content.
  • DEC: Create "plug and play" training content..

IMPACT Plans  - Where I  want  to  make  a  difference
  • MAY: Update our home as a place of hospitality
  • DEC: Create support systems for coaching staff and students.
  • SEP: Restructure Leading Well program to be more flexible and engage more people.
  • DEC: Populate Surface to Soul Youtube channel for ACC & PCC Coaching School.

PIVOT Plans  -  How  I'll redeploy my  time, energy & attention
  • TIME: Create Sabbath moments for each daily time block.
  • TIME: Turn over management of LW Facebook to Janny.
  • TIME: Have Ethan Miller edit Youtube videos.
  • TIME: Have Darrin create Canva templates for Leading Well and coaching).
  • ENERGYGo to bed by 10:00pm most evenings (???)
  • ENERGYAverage 7000 steps/day..
  • FINANCES: Add $6000 to IRA accounts (DONE).
  • FINANCES increase payroll-deduction savings by $150/month.
  • ATTENTIONReview my goals daily; keep a gratitude journal.

Sample 7Fs Road Map (Jim's emerging 2024 plans)

  • JAN: Go to Israel with son, Kenton.
  • JAN: Schedule quarterly "Sabbath" and "Deep Dives" retreats.
  • JAN: Purchase annual subscription for Guthrie Theatre.
  • MAR: Go to London with wife Gina, to see son, Brett.
  • NOV: Attend Leading Well Retreat.

  • Listen to the Message Bible via Audible.
  • Experiment using Centering Prayer app for daily devotions.
  • Continue to meet with a spiritual director..

  • JAN: Develop a consistent home-based workout routing.
  • JAN: Check blood pressure weekly.
  • MAR: Reduce weight to 175#.

  • FEB: Meet with attorneys/financial planner about updating trust.

  • JAN: Launch Home-Centered Faith podcast.
  • JAN: Launch Surface to Soul podcas.
  • FEB: Hire/onboard new video editor. 
  • JAN: Use Surface to Soul app for Leading Well and Coaching School.

FUN Plans
  • Schedule spring break trip with Gina - London?


  • Plan everyday the night before.
  • Arise at 5am and go to bed by 10am.
  • Eat from 3-7pm; and usually have only one meal a day.
  • Review daily/weekly & annual goals everyday. 
  • Invite friends for dinner once a month.
  • Manage work flow, ideas, and decision using Reminders
  • Manage information using Notes and email folders. 
  • Llist memorable moments & milestones in a bullet journal


  • Use text and 15-minute phone calls to stay more connected.
  • Complete projects using 15 minute sprints and 60 minute deep dives.
  • Experiment with fasting for 36 hours twice a month.
  • Bike, kayak, or ski at least once a week.
  • Donate or sell  what I haven't used, or will use in the next 90 days.
  • Listen to books or podcasts while walking/rebounding.
  • Post training/coaching content via blogs and Youtube videos/shorts.
  • Update my reading list; read one or more books a week.


  • Listening to daily news drains my energy.
  • Focus on the journey, not just the destination.
  • Small things, consistently repeated, lead to big changes.
  • Clutter distracts. I need to declutter to be creative and focus.
  • I don't organize what should be discarded - keep what's used and delights.
  • Treat family and friends like clients  - add them to my schedule.


  • Manage information flow using 2 phones or devices; experiment with split screens.
  • Type less, dictate more. Use AI for ideas and inspiration..
  • Experiment with shorter coaching sessions and having fewer meetings.
  • Use emails and text messages to bless people and affirm their callings.
  • Update my digital prayer wall.
  • Ask everyone I meet a question that deepens the relationship.