Reinvent your life . . . everyday!

Your life is a work in progress

Give yourself permission to fill your life with purpose and passion. Find ways to discover and honor your callings in life. Clarify your values and create a rule of life. Seek discomfort in ways that break unhelpful assumptions, attitudes, approaches and actions. Notice what's working and what's not in your life and develop a new road map for your life that's specifically designed for you. Join the conversation, share your wisdom, and learn from others.
PRE-WORK 1: Define your current reality
  • List your current callings in life AND your competing commitments
  • List your primary strengths. What's your superpower?
  • List what's life-giving for you AND life-draining.
  • List what’s working in your life AND what’s not working.
  • List what you'd like to do more of in the future AND less of.
  • List your core values/highest priorities.
  • List what you'd like to be different in your life.
  • List what you'll no longer tolerate as you move forward.
  • List what makes you feel alive; what makes your heart sing.
  • List the obstacles you face moving into your preferred future.
  • List an image, word, or phrase that describes your current setting.
  • List an image, word, or phrase to frame your intentions this year.
PRE-WORK 2: Complete the following projects
  • Complete the Wholeness Wheel exercise. 
  • Review your Spiritual Autobiography.
  • List people who could be a resource/sounding board.
  • List 10 ten goals for this year and then prioritize them.
  • Describe your top 3 goals in greater detail. 

Craft a Rule of Life

A rule of life is a set of intentional guidelines or principles that individuals create to help structure and prioritize their daily lives. It serves as a personal framework to support well-being, personal growth, and the pursuit of meaningful goals. Creating a rule of life involves thoughtful reflection and planning. Here's a general process:

  1. Self-Reflection: Begin by assessing your current life situation, values, and priorities. Consider what areas of your life you want to improve or focus on, such as health, relationships, spirituality, work, or personal development.
  2. Identify Values: Identify your core values and beliefs. What matters most to you? These values will form the foundation of your rule of life.
  3. Set Goals: Define specific, measurable, and achievable goals for each area of your life that you want to address. These goals should align with your values and reflect what you want to accomplish.
  4. Prioritize: Determine the relative importance of each goal and area of your life. Not all goals will carry equal weight, so prioritize them based on your values and what's most pressing.
  5. Create Guidelines: Develop practical guidelines or habits that will help you work toward your goals and live in alignment with your values. These could be daily, weekly, or monthly practices.
  6. Review and Adjust: Periodically review your rule of life to track your progress and make adjustments as needed. Life circumstances change, so your rule of life should be flexible.
  7. Seek Accountability: Share your rule of life with a trusted friend, family member, or mentor who can provide support and hold you accountable to your commitments.
  8. Practice Self-Compassion: Understand that it's normal to face setbacks and challenges. Be kind to yourself and adapt your rule of life as necessary to meet changing needs.
  9. Live with Intention: Embrace your rule of life as a daily guide, striving to live with intention and purpose, working toward your goals, and staying true to your values.

Creating a rule of life is a dynamic process that evolves as your life circumstances change. It helps you remain grounded so that you can do less while doing what truly matters. Your rule of life will most likely include core assumptions about life and yourself, what you hold most dear, and specific practices that help you honor the essence of who you are. 


  • Define your current reality
  • List what's working 
  • List what's not working
  • List what's life-giving
  • List what's life-draining
  • Note your life's trajectory
  • Know your purpose
  • Know your passions
  • Know your priorities
  • Know your limitations
  • Use the Wholeness Wheel
  • List what's not essential
  • List what no longer serves you  
  • List what's most pressing
  • What will be your legacy?


  • Paint a picture of your future
  • List what you'll no longer tolerate
  • Connect "why' with what you do
  • Rewrite your stories
  • "What if" your norms
  • Measure your influence. 
  • Create time/energy margins
  • Rethink your calendar
  • Rethink your finances
  • Rethink your energy
  • Rethink your relationships
  • Rethink the voices in your head
  • Decide what you'll delegate
  • Set better boundaries
  • Park ideas & opportunities


  • Clarify your values
  • Embrace your superpowers
  • List competing commitments
  • Craft a rule of life.
  • Design your day (new norms)
  • Design your week & month
  • Design your year & decade
  • Select an annual theme
  • Add YOU to your calendar
  • Schedule deep work
  • Use a coach; find a mentor
  • Track your results & learnings
  • Embed atomic habits into life
  • Review your day daily
  • Develop your support system


1 | Reclaim margins in life

  1. Acknowledge that I can't do it all. List/prioritize 5 things to let go of this year.
  2. List plans for letting go of item #1.
  3. Rearrange schedule to match my energy levels.
  4. Be home by 8:30pm most evenings.
  5. Build meeting agendas with conveners; do not attend most monthly meetings.
  6. Schedule time for quarterly Sabbath retreats.
  7. Schedule a night every month to connect with friends.
  • What time of the day am I most creative?
  • Moving forward, what will I no longer tolerate?
  • How and who can I equip to do the things I don't need to do?
  • What does self-care look like for me, right now?
  • Who can support me in living into my preferred future?
  • What is it costing me and my family if I don't make these changes?

| Lose 10 pounds in 6 months

  1. Use lunch break to go for a 30-minute walk.
  2. Schedule walk and talk meetings with church leaders.
  3. Drink a 40 ounces of water daily to stay hydrate, reduce sense of hunger.
  4. Avoiding eating during home visits, and after 7:30pm.
  5. Starting and participate in a walking group with church members.
  6. Begin weighing self daily; determine healthy ways to celebrate my weight loss.
  7. Limit watching TV to one hour a day, listen to Audible books.
  • What are the triggers that cause me to eat when I'm not hungry?
  • What impact does stress have on my eating habits?
  • Who models healthy habits that can support me?
  • How will I celebrate my progress in healthy ways?
  • How can I make exercise more playful and fun?
  • How do I need to see myself differently to be act differently?

3 | Make time for hobbies

  1. Change meetings times so I can participate in monthly book discussion group.
  2. Buy tickets to 5 or more local plays, concerts, or comedy groups.
  3. Attend a broadway performance this year.
  4. Visit local wineries. Take a wine tasting course.
  • Which hobbies do I enjoy doing alone?  With others?
  • Who else enjoys some of the same hobbies I like?
  • When and where might I do my favorite hobbies?
  • Why do I always put my hobbies on the back burner?
  • How do my hobbies contribute to my well-being?

4 | Engage more members online

  1. Clarify what engagement looks like online, and how I can be a catalyst for it.
  2. Hire consultant to help us think strategically about social media. 
  3. Identify a SM platform to pilot new ways to engage members.
  4. Recruit a member to greet and engage people online during live worship services.
  5. Set aside time to read SM to learn about member's special moments and concerns.
  • Who do I know that engages in social media well?
  • Where can I learn how to do so media more effectively?
  • Who else could be part of a social media team?
  • How will I make SM fun and life-giving (not a should)?
  • What's my first faithful next steps?
  • When and how will I evaluate my progress and impact?

JIM'S 2023 ROAD MAP (6 "Fs" Goals)

Word for the Year - "Reinvent"


2 | FUN

  1. Participate in February Leading Well Learning retreat (FEB).
  2. Start meeting monthly with a spiritual director (FEB).
  3. Start end of day  journaling & Daily Examen routine (MAR).
  4. Participate Leading Well Retreat (NOV).
  5. Listen to Message version of the New Testament (ONGOING).
  1. Travel to Ireland and England with Brett (JAN).
  2. Trip to Miami with Kenton (JAN).
  3. Spring break trip to Tucson with Gina (MAR).
  4. Tour Ring Road and Golden Circle in Iceland (MAY).
  5. Hike Crater Lake; drive Oregon coast (AUG).



  1. Pay off Honda Fit car loan (FEB).
  2. Purchase guest bedroom furniture; wall desk for family room (MAR).
  3. Use up remaining Nest funds for kid's college expenses (MAR).
  4. Contribute maximum IRA amount to retirement plan (APR).
  5. Redesign outdoor patio space; install grills & Solo Stove (MAY).
  1. Re-engage with friends and colleagues via Facebook/Instagram (JAN).
  2. Pilot 15 minute phone conversations with 3 friends/week (ONGOING).
  3. Explore new small group opportunities at church (MAY).
  4. Host/help plan family reunion event (JUN).
  5. Invite friends for brunch/dinner once a month (ONGOING).



  1. Obtain Level 2 ICF accreditation for VFM Coaching School (OCT).
  2. Learn how to create Udemy-style learning modules (SEP-DEC).
  3. Redesign Surface to Soul Youtube Channel; add 30 videos (DEC).
  4. Redesign Surface to Soul as a resource/podcast portal (DEC).
  5. Average reading 2 books/week (ONGOING).
  1. Purchase annual ski pass; ski 12 or more times this year (JAN).
  2. Rent kayak rack at Cobblestone; kayak 12+ times this summer (MAY).
  3. Participate in a sleep study; focus on better sleeping habits (OCT).
  4. Average 7500 steps/day  via rebounder or walking (ONGOING).
  5. Practice 1MAD and 18:6 eating routines (ONGOING).

JIM'S 2024 ROAD MAP (Goals based on Roles)

Word for the Year - "Resist"



  1. Start meeting monthly with a spiritual director (ONGOING).
  2. Invite sons and wife into discussions on faith/callings (JAN).
  3. Use Apple Journal daily; Daily Examen format (JAN).
  4. Participate in Leading Well Learning retreat (NOV).
  5. Experiment with Centering Prayer & Phone Apps (JUN-DEC).
  1. Travel to Greece with Kenton (JAN).
  2. Travel to Cozumel with Brett (DEC).
  3. Travel to Portugal (FEB).
  4. Travel to NYC - see 2 Broadway shows (MAR).
  5. Hike/tour Washington; drive to Canadian Provincial Parks (AUG).



  1. Invite friends for brunch/dinner once a month(ONGOING).
  2. Set up Kamodo grill; take grilling class (MAY).
  3. Create fire pit space for Solo Stove (JUN).
  4. Develop Group Coaching School course (JUN-AUG).
  5. Renovate Kenton's room; use for guest bedroom (AUG).
  1. Develop Work-Life Harmony coaching road map (JAN).
  2. Develop Strategic Generosity coaching road map (JAN).
  3. Set up LLC for non-VFM coaching & training events (FEB)
  4. Create short-term hybrid learning/coaching events (FEB).
  5. Develop ICF-certified Group Coaching course (FEB-JUL).

5 | STUDENT (Digital Content)


  1. Launch Familying the Faith podcast (JAN).
  2. Redesign Surface to Soul Youtube Channel; add 50 videos (JAN-APR).
  3. Develop video creation/editing skills (ONGOING).
  4. Move all links, PDFs, audios & videos to STS app (JAN-MAY).
  5. Creation of Udemy-style online learning modules (SEP-DEC).
  1. Discern who God is calling me to invite and invest in (JAN).
  2. Discern who I should invite to be mentors for me (JAN).
  3. Create space to be an available mentor to those I resource (FEB-MAR).
  4. Create platforms that build community and share content (FEB-MAY).
  5. Study the traits of great mentors; learn and apply these traits (ONGOING).


  • Weigh self at 5:00am.
  • Complete 10,000 steps; 15-minute workout.
  • Post daily on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Ask a question/share an affirmation via text.
  • Post a picture everyday in Journal app.
  • Don't eat until 2pm or after 8pm.
  • Go to bed by 10:00pm every night.
  • Plan tomorrow the night before.
  • Review my goals, ideas, and bucket list.
  • Plan a 24-hour learning/renewal retreat.
  • Fast one day a week (SAT).
  • Review finances/budget/home projects.
  • Date night with Gina.
  • Read 2 books/week.
  • Watch a movie; complete a TV series.
  • Create/update 1 chapter in new STS book.
  • Plan 2 international trips/year.
  • Plan quarterly 3-day getaways with friends.
  • Meet with financial planner & physicians.
  • Attend STORY conference (online/in-person).
  • Buy annual ski pass (Welch Village).
  • Host quarterly gatherings with friends.
  • Enroll in quarterly cohort or classes.
  • Select a country/region I'd like to learn about.

TOOLS to try

VIDEOS to watch

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