Insights on Sabbath
on February 21st, 2024
By Jim LaDoux In today's society, finding moments of rest and rejuvenation has become a luxury rather than a necessity. In his enlightening book, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives, Wayne Muller invites us to experience the transformative power of embracing one sacred day of rest each week, and to embed Sabbath moments into our daily lives. Muller describes how the act o...  Read More
The Art of Noticing (Part 1)
on February 12th, 2024
By Jim LaDoux The Art of Noticing is a thought-provoking book designed to spark one’s awareness and creativity through the intention use and focus of our senses. It challenges the reader to experience the moment and to be present to the people, places, sights, sounds, and smells of our environment. The book includes 131 simple and playful exercises to help you become a clearer thinker, a better li...  Read More
JAN 12 - Grow generous, joyful givers
on February 8th, 2024
By Jim Ladoux Growing a culture of generosity requires intentionality and having a clear understanding of what stewardship is, and the role in plays within a congregational to equip people to be Christ-followers and embed a mindset of generosity within the people we serve. Listed below are a few steps to create a clearer understanding of stewardship. Christian stewardship has also been defined as ...  Read More
5 questions for the church
on January 22nd, 2024
By Jim LaDoux 5 Questions Every Church Should Be Askingby Dr. James Emery WhiteA recent article in the Atlantic cited 17 questions every college should be asking. The point was that “we need a serious conversation about the future of America’s universities.”They’re right.We do.And the questions they posed were good ones, including:- What is quality, and how should it be measured?- If we were build...  Read More
Insights from Always On
on January 15th, 2024
By Jim LaDoux Chapter 1: Interested Conversation●  Focus: Interested conversation: Interested in what God is up to in this new medialandscape and interested in reasons why new media has the possibilities andbrokenness.●  New media holds great possibility for living into the kingdom of God.●  If you want to be attentive to what is impacting people’s lives, critical and theologicalreflection on new...  Read More
Practicing Lectio Divina
on January 15th, 2024
By Jim LaDoux “Lectio,” it is often called, is an ancient practice of reading the Bible and praying. It is a practice that assumes God’s Holy Spirit inspires the Scriptures and that the Holy Spirit also desires to speak to us today through the Scriptures. It is a practice that can be used by anyone and can take 10 minutes or 2 hours as you walk through four steps designed to draw you closer to God...  Read More