Take time to assess your life

By Jim LaDoux
Part of my annual planning routine as I create a personal road map for upcoming year is to review past goals and set new ones based on the 6Fs reflected in the Wholeness Wheel.  use a modified version of the Wholeness Wheel to assess important facets of my life. I begin by celebrating the positive memories and changes that took place the past year, to celebrate what's working and life-giving in my life, and then to list facets of my life and ministry that need greater attention. Items that need more attention are usually embedded into my annual goals.

Take five minutes right now  to rate how well you practice the following items on a scale of 1-10 (10=very descriptive) and then reflect on the questions at the end.

1  |  FAITH

___ I pray daily and worship weekly.
___ I read and reflect on scripture at least weekly.
___ I continue to discover, develop and deploy my gifts
___ I express my faith through regular acts of service.
___ I am aware of God’s presence in my life.
___ I am aware of my life’s calling/vocation.
___ I am able to share my faith journey with others.
___ God is frequently the subject of my conversations.
___ I live with a sense of awe and gratitude.


___ I exercise three or more times a week.
___ I obtain a physical exam & see a dentist annually.
___ I weigh within 15 pounds of my ideal weight.
___ I eat a healthy diet most of the time.
___ I get 7 or more hours of sleep each night.
___ I have effective methods for dealing with stress.
___ I participate in sports/activities that help me stay fit.


___ I regularly connect with friends/family members.
___ I use Facebook and social media to stay connected.
___ My primary relationships are loving and life-giving.
___ I deal with stress and conflict in healthy ways.
___ I keep my promises to friends & family members.
___ I regularly affirm and bless my family members.
___ I schedule “dates” with loved ones.


___ I maintain a current budget & review it regularly.
___ I save 10% of my income for retirement.
___ I donate 10% or more to causes I care about.
___ I do not carry balances on my credit cards.
___ I have a “rainy day” or emergency fund.
___ I have adequate life, medical and disability insurance

5  |  FUN

___ I set aside funds for trips, “toys” and home projects
___ I have a current will and a health care directive.
___ I live with a mindset of joy and gratitude.
___ I take my vocation seriously, but myself less so.
___ I take time to pursue hobbies, sports & interests.
___ I create memorable moments & rituals in my life.
___ I laugh everyday and find things that humor me.
___ I let go of anger and resentment that steal my joy.
___ I set appropriate boundaries between work & home.

6  |  FUTURE

___ I often discern God’s preferred future for my life.
___ I make plans that guide me toward future goals.
___ I keep a list of skills I want to learn and/or master.
___ I am willing to move beyond my comfort zones.
___ I have mentors/guides that help live/lead well.
___ I meet with a spiritual director/mentor.
___ I have a growth-mindset, willing to learn new things.
___ I am open to opportunities/pathways for serving God.


  1. What's working?  What do you celebrate?
  2. What's NOT working?  What's not present?
  3. Which practices need greater attention?
  4. What choices will have the greatest ripple effect on your life, and others?  

Select one facet of your life that's most pressing for you.  Ask yourself,  "What would it look like to prioritize it this week?"
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