Create a soul script

By Jim LaDoux
Leaders should be able to readily communicate the purpose, priorities and uniqueness of their faith communities to members as well as their neighbors and coworkers. This sample Soul Script provides a template for articulating the uniqueness of your congregation, helping you and other leaders create an “elevator speech” about your congregation.

Our fundamental purpose is to introduce Jesus, interpret the Christian life, invite transformation, and to invest in God’s dream for the world.

Our PASSIONS and PRIORITIES (what matters here and what we’re energized by)
  • Radical hospitality 
• Extravagant generosity
  • Spirit-driven worship 
• Compassionate service
 • Lifelong faith formation
• Courageous risk-taking

Our PITCH (tagline) to the people we seek to serve 
“Where faith and life connect.” 

Our PROMISE to each other (covenant) 

  • We affirm, encourage, support, pray for, and bless one another. 

  • We appreciate and affirm each other’s gifts, backgrounds, and viewpoints. 

  • We speak well of each other to build up the body of Christ. 

  • We communicate with each other in honest, open Christ-like ways. 

  • We commit to ongoing personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 

  • We are open to new ways of seeing and doing things. 

Our PERSPECTIVES on living our faith and living in community 

  • We believe that knowing and following Jesus is  a lifelong process. 

  • We help people live their faith everyday, everywhere, with everyone. 

  • God is the subject of our conversations, and the reasons for our actions. 

  • We offer safe settings for building, long-lasting,  life-giving friendships. 

  • God’s love permeates everything we say, think and do. 

  • Everybody has a story to tell, a gift to share, and wisdom we need to listen to. 

Our PLANS (goals) for this year 

  • Develop a short- and long-range written road map for living into our mission and vision. 

  • Develop Lifelong Faith Formation outcomes for forming  faith at every age and life stage. 

  • Promote and implement a plan helping the congregation embrace and live into the annual theme, titled Called to Connect, systems to help members discern, develop and deploy their callings in life at and beyond the congregation. 

  • Develop an in-person and online leadership development program to equip congregational leaders to serve faithfully and effectively at and beyond the congregation. 


  1. How clear is your congregation's identity?
  2. What makes your congregation unique?  
  3. Who are you seeking to serve?
  4. What do you have off the people you seek to serve?

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