Reframe your future

By Jim LaDoux
How might you end this year well and start strong in the new year? Consider setting aside  3-4 hours to reframe your future by learning to REVIEW, RETHINK, and RE-IMAGINE your life and ministry settings for the year.


Review your goals from the past year.  What do  you celebrate?  What's still in progress? What's no longer important or the best use of your time? What will you carry into the new year?
  1. List the contributions made by your staff and how you will thank them for their efforts, insights and gifts.
  2. Review your policies and practices.  List what you'll keep doing, quit doing, or start doing.
  3. List which financial reports and legal documents to be submitted by the end of the year.
  4. Review your employee manual and operations handbook. Note what needs to be updated.
  5. Review bills yet to be paid and other obligations to be honored by the end of the year.
  6. Review YTD giving. Anticipate how your church will end the year financially.
  7. List the brights spots in life and ministry this past year.  What surprised you?
  8. Describe where and how God showed up in your life and ministry settings.


  1. List the norms that drive your plans and programs. Are they still working for you?
  2. List assumptions that drive your decisions. Do they they still ring true?
  3. How did you spent your time and energy this year? How will you schedule it for next year?
  4. List what energized you. Describe what sapped your energy. What will you do differently?
  5. List what you did to enlist, encourage and equip leaders this past year. Which leaders will you invest in next year, and what would that look like for each person?
  6. What were you were blindsided by this year?  How did you react?  What did you learn about ways to anticipate and adapt in the future?
  7. What filled your cup? Who nourished your soul? Which people and activities will you invite into for life next year?
  8. In what ways did God use you this past year? What is God calling you to be and do next year?
  9. What skills and gifts will you continue to develop to living into your callings in life?


  1. How will your church's annual meeting celebrate God at work and become a springboard to focusing people's attention on what matters for the new year?
  2. What will it look like for you to equip, empower, and encourage people to do God's work everyday?
  3. What's your next faithful step for growing as a Christ follower?
  4. Who will you surround yourself  with to bring out God's best in you?
  5. Who are the grace-filled truth tellers you will invite into your life to give you a reality checks when needed? 
  6. What norms and habits will you embed into your life this year to help you do what matters?
  7. What's your plan for learning to say no to what is no longer essential?
  8. What's your plan to experiencing more joy, laughter and gratitude into your life?
  9. What's your plan for rest, renewal, and honoring Sabbath moments in your life?

Carve out time to be at your creative best. As you review , rethink  and reinvent ministry, consider encouraging others to do the same.  Regularly inspecting your results will help you increase your impact, and improve your life and your ministries.


  1. What do you regularly review in your life and ministry?  Has it been fruitful?
  2. What would you like to review and reinvent in the next 90 days?
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