Questions to ask your team

By Jim LaDoux
The ideal team players take responsibility for ensuring the success of the team.  They are  positive and proactive, and are willing  to ask questions that help them do their best work, and aid the efforts of others. Listed below are questions I've found helpful to ask myself so that I can model what it means to be an ideal team player.  

Questions  I  ask  that  help  me  do  my  best  work

  1. How often do I affirm the work of my team mates?
  2. How well do I care for the needs of the team?
  3. In what ways am I encouraging team members in their spiritual journey?
  4. Do I invite others to share their opinions and ideas?
  5. Is my passion reflected in my words and actions?
  6. Do I help create a sense of urgency for moving forward?
  7. What am I doing to deepen relationships with my team members?

Questions  I  ask  to  help  others  do  their  best  work

  1. Do I know what is expected of me? If not, how do I find out?
  2. Do I have the information, materials and equipment I need to do my best  work?
  3. Do I communicate what my needs are to others?
  4. Do I offer ways that my gifts and perspectives might be best utilized?
  5. Do I have a plan for developing my knowledge and skills for this position?
These questions cause me to think differently about what it means to be part of the team and usually change what I say and do as a team member. What might you say and do differently as a result of how you answered these questions?


  1. How often do you ask for feedback from other that helps you be more effective?
  2. When and where do you pause to consider ways that you can support others?
  3. Do you see others you work with as a source of wisdom?
  4. Do you know what others need to thrive in their personal and professional settings?
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