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Sending monthly emails to church leaders
by Jim LaDoux on January 8th, 2024
By Jim LaDoux During any change initiative, it's essential that all leaders within the church are kept informed of key decisions, short-term wins, recent learnings, and plans for the next 30-90 days. Listed below are a few suggestions for what might be included in a typical monthly leadership report.WHO creates the monthly update?A number of people are involved in the process. Typically one person...  Read More
10 ways to improve church videos
by Jim LaDoux on January 5th, 2024
Amp up the impact and exposure of your videos by using the 10 ideas below. These simple yet very effective tips will help you create engaging content that can be shared across multiple communication platforms.  1 | Smile. Smiling helps connect your audience and keep's them engaged. Smile when you begin and end your conversation.2 | Practice Good Eye Contact. Look directly into the camera periodica...  Read More
Creating brand standards
by Jim LaDoux on September 29th, 2023
By Jim LaDoux Your brand is what others think on you. Part of what influences how others see you are determined by the components and consistency of your visual identity. To organize your visual brand identity it’s best to build a brand identity guidelines for your church that clearly describes how your logo, visual elements, colors, type, and other design styles should and shouldn’t be used for p...  Read More
Seek to Inspire rather than inform
by Jim LaDoux on August 28th, 2023
By Jim LaDoux Many churches and non-profit organizations spend most of their time and resources on providing information to their congregation. From email newsletters and social media posts to church announcements and preaching, the emphasis is on informing people about events, programs, and causes. While this is important, it may not always be the best approach when it comes to inspiring transfor...  Read More
Embrace crucial conversations
by Jim LaDoux on August 4th, 2023
By Jim LaDoux Engaging crucial conversations can be challenging yet is crucial for experiencing authentic community. Resistance often indicates that change is happening and that people are beginning to deal with real and perceived consequences of moving beyond their comfort zones. Four factors often are at the heart of most conflicts:Facts about events, behaviors, and resources. Lack of informatio...  Read More
Assess your website
by Jim LaDoux on May 24th, 2022
Like ministry plans and programs, church websites never completing done. Most churches do significant revamps to their website every few years with the understanding that constant tweak and updates every month are necessary to ensure that then site serves as a useful tool for members and visitor alike. As you explore possible updates to your website and other communication platforms, use the list ...  Read More
Facebook content posting ideas
by Jim LaDoux on March 4th, 2022
Encourage Facebook followers to comment on post by adding thought-provoking questions on your Facebook pages or groups. Experiment using the questions below and see if they increase interactions among followers.1 | “Fill in the Blank” Question (easy to answer; one word is sufficient) The last book I read was _______________.The best thing that happened during summer was ___________________. One wo...  Read More
Write better emails
by Jim LaDoux on February 2nd, 2022
After spending the last several hours reading, replying and deleting 500+ emails in my inbox, I decided to take a short break and offer my “top 10” list on how to create emails that people actually read and respond to.If time is people’s most valuable resource, consider ways you can write emails that are easier to read, shorter to write, and quicker to reply to.Name the main point early.  Determin...  Read More