Assess your website

By Jim LaDoux
Websites serve as a guide to inform guests and members about your purpose, priorities, programs, and unique ministry setting. They serve as the front door to your ministries and should be designed in ways that focus on the interests and needs of your target audience. Like ministry plans and programs, church websites are always changing and in need of new content. Expect to significantly revamp to your site every few years in addition the constant tweaks that are needed to share recent highlights and ways people can participate in the church's mission.
Use the questions to assess your current site and consider future changes.  

DESIGN  |  Ease of Navigation

  • Is navigation within the website is easy and intuitive?
  • Are there links to the home page on all pages?
  • Are the graphics clear, easy to understand, and engaging?
  • Are the images and videos high quality?
  • Are directions to the church are easy to find? Do they include a physical address and map?
  • Does the navigation menu include links to about, worship, ministries, resources, and contact us?
  • Are links to the church's social media sites are displayed prominently on the home page?
  • Can people can donate, pledge, and manage their financial giving through the site?
  • Does the site allow people to sign up or volunteer at upcoming events?
  • Are "Call to action" buttons found throughout the site to encourage people action?
  • Does the site include a search feature to help visitors find what they're looking for?
  • Is there a section on the site that's just for first-time visitors?

CONTENT  |  Point  of  View

  • Is the information on the site accurate?
  • Is the information on the site timely?
  • Is there information that's old or needs to be removed?
  • Are there any broken or non-working links?
  • Is the site designed primarily from a visitor's perspective or a member's point of view?
  • Is it clear who can attend upcoming events?
  • Can visitors schedule an appointment to meet with a church staff member?
  • Can visitors sign up to receive the newsletters and other resources?
  • Does information about programs/events explain how participants would benefit from their involvement?


  • What was your overall impression of the site upon viewing it?
  • Are you proud of your church's website?  
  • Who does the site seem to be designed for?  How did you come to that conclusion?
  • What did you like about the site?
  • What would a long-time members like about the site?
  • What would a first-time visitor like about the site?
  • What's missing from the site?
  • What content should be removed, or perhaps located elsewhere?
  • How do you feel about the sites graphics?  Color schemes?  Fonts?  Overall look?
  • How does the site make you feel?
  • Is there anything about the site that makes it seem unprofessional or outdated?
  • What would you hope a first-time visitor would feel after viewing the site?
  • What would you hope a first-time visitor would do as a result of viewing the site?
  • Is the site more about who you are as a church or more about the needs of a guest?
  • Who would you need to talk to to find out how many people visit the site, and which pages receive the most traffic?


  • If you were in charge of the site, what would you change immediately? 
  • What are 3 THINGS you'd change in the next 90 days to improve our website?
  • How could the site be made more user-friendly for a first-time guest?
  • How could we make our church's purpose and priorities more clear and compelling?
  • What could be done to increase people's engagement with the site?
  • Does the website have a similar look and feel with the church's other communication platforms?
  • How might some of the questions raised in this blog apply to your assessment of other communication channels the church offers?

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