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Here is  where students, teachers, and colleagues come together learn about practice the art and discipline of coaching.  You'll read books, manuals, and blog articles. You'll listen to recorded coaching sessions and observe live ones.  You'll watch dozens of brief videos,  demonstrate ways to model the 8 core competencies, and develop a plan for growing in your coaching capacities. Several portions of the Coaching School are accessible to anyone who visits this site. There are also a number of  "hidden" and/or "password-protected pages where you'll need to know the URL or use a code to access the materials. Current password-protected pages.

Vibrant Faith is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)to provide ACC-level,  PCC-level coaching, Mentor Coaching, and Continuing Coaching Education courses.  For more information about ICF, go to 

Our courses are held online via Zoom using the following information:
  • Call in: 408.638.0968 (ID: 541 252 9630)
  • Online:

Our Training Programs

  • 100 - The Core Competencies Course:   This includes 24 hours of asynchronous learning modules. Students should complete this course before the start of the ACC-level Course.
  • 101-119 - The ACC-level Coach Training CourseThis includes content from  Courses 101-119 and covers 46 hours of live online learning sessions led by members of Vibrant Faith's Coaching Faculty.  Students complete the Core Competencies Course beforehand.
  • 201 - The PCC-level Coach Training Course. This includes 46 hours of live group sessions, 18 hours of triad-based coaching demonstrations, along with asynchronous  sessions.
  • 301 -The Mentor Coaching Course.  This includes 8 hours of group coaching and three 1-on-1 sessions with your mentor coach. Students submit a recorded coaching demonstration to their instructor for evaluation.
  • 400-level Elective Courses. Students may take these courses to gain new knowledge and coaching approaches while also earning CEU's to maintain their ICF certification credentials.

As an ICF-Certified Level 2 coach training organization, Vibrant Faith offers, 130+ hours of certified coach training. For more information about ICF, go to 

About our Trainings

  • ACC & PCC courses are held via Zoom from 1:00-3:00pm central.
  • Links to Zoom recordings are shared with students following each session.
  • Recorded recordings are kept on file for 2 weeks, then deleted due to confidentiality issues.
  • Presentation slide decks are included for every session with the exception of practice labs .
  • Students should review the Core Competencies videos before ACC/PCC/MC trainings.
  • ACC/PCC/MC students receive lifelong access to VFM coaching resources.
  • Most assignments by reading and commenting on assigned Coaching Well blog articles.
  • Student attendance is tracked for all courses as part of ICF-certification.  
  • Students are expected to notify  instructors if they will be late for or absent from a class.
  • Students will receive their Course Certificate upon completion of all coursework.


  • Attitude:  Be positive, present, playful, proactive,  and open-minded,
  • Actions: Be on time, ready to contribute, and seek to "go first."  
  • Assumptions:  Be willing to stretch yourself and trust the process.

Important  Notes

Practicing the 8 core coaching competencies will help you . . .

Move people toward a preferred future
Evoke new awareness in your leaders
Help people discern
Help people do what matters

Build better, brighter, bolder futures

What Students Say About the Training

  • "The training is interactive and very practical."
  • "I exercise leadership in so many new ways due to coaching." 
  • The training gave me the tools and the confidence to lead change in my church and my denomination."
  • "It's the best training I've received in years - and I've receive a lot of training!"
  • "The training affirmed many of the gifts I have  to offer others."
  • The training and resources I received help me help other navigate change in more nimble ways."
  • "It moved me beyond my comfort zones . . . in a very good way!"
  • "The coaching process works.  I just need to trust the process."
  • "The future-oriented mindset of coaching really appeals to me."
  • "I like coaching's emphasis on the uniqueness of each individual and how it can be tailored to every setting."
  • "I'm a more confident and capable leader now than I was before the training."
  • "I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of personal attention I received from instructors."
  • "This training has put me on to a whole new career path.  My life have changed in so many ways."

What transformation do you seek through training?

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