Coaching School Manual

Distilling the essence of coaching

Coaching is one of many pathways for empowering individuals, teams, and congregations to live into God’s preferred future. It’s an interactive, spiritual process that involves walking alongside pastors and lay leaders who wonder, “What is God up to in our lives and our ministries?” If done well, it results in developing followers of Christ who bring out the best in others, are able to become unstuck from their dilemmas, and learn how to transfer their ideas and insights into tangible results. Coaching has the capacity to help people paint a picture of their preferred future and then gather the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to turn their dreams into reality. Drawing upon the eight core competencies embraced by the International Coaching Federation, coaches help facilitate change as they bring out God’s best in individuals, teams, and churches.

While Vibrant Faith enthusiastically adheres to the ICF’s coaching approach and practices, we also understand that relationships are as important as tasks, that stories are as important as strategies, that people are as important as organizations, and that building on strengths is as important as working around weaknesses. Coaching is a continuous process of discovery, implementation, evaluation, and re-imagination, rather than a single event or an occasional conversation.

Vibrant Faith’s Coaching School is designed to help the new and experienced coaches understand, embrace, and trust the process outlined in the core competencies. We equip coaches to follow the client's lead, and through the use of powerful questioning, guide their clients toward their intended outcomes. Through active listening and powerful questions, a coach can help reveal a client’s most pressing issues or uncover emerging possibilities in one’s life. You’ll find questions woven throughout the Coaching Manual and at the end of every chapter to help you focus on what matters most.
                 “The essence of executive coaching is helping leaders get unstuck from their dilemmas
 and assisting them to transfer their learning into results for the organization”
This quote from Mary Beth O’Neil describes our wish for every coach and Coaching School participant. Our goal is to help coaches help clients become unstuck and unshackled from what’s preventing them from living their best lives. As you read through this book, may you discover and “try on” new approaches and practices that move clients beyond "what is" in their lives to "what might be?"

Be well and best wishes!
JIM LADOUX | Vibrant Faith Ministries, Director of Coaching and Consulting

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