Creating Atomic Habits (Part 2)

By Jim LaDoux
Atomic Habits by James Clear is a book that explores the science of habit formation and provides a framework for building good habits and breaking bad ones. The book introduces four laws to help individuals create and maintain effective habits which are listed below.

LAW 1 - Make it Obvious

This law emphasizes the importance of clarity and visibility in habit formation. To make a habit obvious, you can ask questions like:
  • What is the specific habit I want to establish?
  • Where and when will I perform this habit?
  • How can I make it impossible to ignore or forget?

LAW 2 - Make it Attractive

This law focuses on making habits appealing and motivating. To make a habit attractive, consider questions like:
  • How can I connect this habit to something I already enjoy?
  • Can I find a way to reward myself for completing this habit?
  • What makes this habit personally meaningful to me?

LAW 3 - Make it Easy

This law emphasizes simplifying habits to reduce friction. Ask yourself and others:
  • What obstacles or barriers are preventing us from forming this habit as a group?
  • How can we make this habit easier to adopt for everyone involved?
  • Are there tools, resources, or processes that can streamline this habit?

LAW 4 - Make it Satisfying

This law focuses on the importance of positive reinforcement. Consider:
  • How can we celebrate our group's successes in adopting this habit?
  • Are there social or collective rewards for maintaining this habit?
  • What can we do to make the habit's outcomes more immediately satisfying for the group?

By addressing these questions related to each law, individuals and groups can better understand and implement the principles of habit formation outlined in "Atomic Habits. Consider ways that these laws will help you live into the habits you set for yourself and as well as the habits you help your clients form in a coaching relationship.


  1. How often does the topic of habits come up in a coaching conversation?
  2. As a coach, how often do you help clients set atomic habits?
  3. Which habits have you seen clients set that seem to have the greatest impact on their lives?
  4. How important is helping clients set habits or create systems that support their faithful next steps?

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