Helping you and your church thrive

Do less . . .  go deeper . . .  as you navigate life and ministry.

Bringing out God's best in you and your teams.

Surface to Soul is a place to obtain tools and resources  that help people live and love like Jesus. It's a place where you can learn to live well, lead well, and lead change. 
We believe that everyone  is called by God to serve and bless others, live out of one's giftedness, and be living expressions of Jesus in their daily lives.  May you live and lead well every day!

Build Disciples

  • Help people grow vibrant faith 24/7/365.
  • Build trusting, Christ-centered relationships.
  • Grow generous, joyful givers.
  • To provide simple, sustainable solutions that transform people's lives.

Build Agile Leaders

  • Help people find their voice. 
  • Add content.
  • Train leaders to reflect and re-imagine.
  • Add content.
  • Add content.

Build Great Teams

  • Help people serve out of their strengths.
  • Position people for maximum impact.
  • Form purposeful, passionate, powerful teams.
  • Learn to set, track, and celebrate short-term wins.
  • To help people connect with neighbors and co-workers in winsome ways.

My Beliefs and Perspectives

Join me in learning to live and lead well.

You are invited to journey with me about the things that matter most in life - relationships, faith, callings, and passions. I believe that everyone has gifts to offer and wisdom to share.  Everyone has callings and is called by God to be a source of hope and blessing. I believe that God is up to something and is active in this world and I want to find ways to be "on mission" for the the good of the world. I believe that grace, gratitude and a spirit of abundance enables us to design lives filled with meaning and purpose. Let's talk soon about what that actually looks like in our daily lives. 

Latest Sermon

Latest Sermon

About Jim

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Husband & Father

Author & Trainer

Coach & Consultant

  • Married for 31 years to wife, Gina.
  • Father to 2 sons, Brett and Kenton.
  • Enjoy travel and boating as a family.
  • Author, Surface to Soul and Coaching Change.
  • Facilitator, Leading Well Learning Retreats.
  • Lead trainer for Vibrant Faith Coaching School.
  • Married for 31 years to wife, Gina.
  • Father to 2 sons, Brett and Kenton.
  • Enjoy travel and boating as a family.

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