Welcome to Leading Well!

Join a community of curious leaders who strive to live and lead well every day.  This community helps church leaders do less, do what matters, and design a lives that life-giving, purposeful, and Christ-centered. Our community and program focus on the 4 Rocks:

1 | Sabbath Rest

  • Give yourself permission to rest and be renewed.
  • Set better boundaries; learn to say no nicely.
  • Create new rituals and rhythms of renewal.
  • Remember whose you are.

2 | Practical Learning

  • Crowdsource with other leaders.
  • Participate in year-round Master Classes.
  • Access videos, blogs, and articles on demand.
  • Gain insights and ideas at Learning Retreats.

3 | Collegial Support

  • Connect online on Leading Well Facebook Group.
  • Meet 1-on-1 with a coach or spiritual director.
  • Meet monthly as part of a coaching cohort.
  • Participate in annual Leading Well Learning Retreat.

4 | Intentional Transformation

  • Create an annual leadership formation plan.
  • Navigate next steps with a certified coach.
  • Learn steps for reinventing life and ministries.
  • Develop new norms to sustain ongoing change.

Program Outcomes

  • Craft a rule of life that leads to vibrant faith and vital congregations.
  • Craft a leadership philosophy that embraces learning and adaptability.
  • Assess your overall well-being using the Wholeness Wheel.
  • Assess the health of your paid and unpaid ministry team leaders. 
  • Increase leadership agility via DISC/Enneagram/EQ assessments.
  • Create a 1-page annual road map outline plans for living well.
  • Create a 1-page annual road map outlining plans for leading well.
  • Create a Leadership Formation Plan to increase your leadership agility.
  • Experience collegial support via the Leading Well Facebook Group.
  • Receive individual and group coaching to support your intentions..

Events & Learning Retreats

Events are listed in chronological order 
  • ACC-level Coach Training (Starts September 6)
  • Rethink Leadership (September 26)
  • Skills for Coaching Ministry Leaders (October 3)
  • Rethink Communications (October 10)
  • Enneagram Assessment training)
  • Rethink Discipleship (October 17)
  • Rethink Hospitality (October 24)
  • Lay Leadership Learning Retreat (October 28)
  • Reinvent Your Church (October 31)
  • Reinvent Your Future (November 7)
  • Leading Well Learning Retreat (November 14-17)
  • Reinvent Church Systems (November 28)
  • Monthly Book Discussions (held monthly)

The Leading Well programs will help you . . .

Move toward your preferred future
Evoke new awareness & possibilities
Do Less | Do what matters
Help you

Important  Notes

  • You are invited to join the Leading Well Facebook Group.
  • Coaching & training events are held on Zoom:
  • You will be invited to download the Surface to Soul app.


  • Attitude:  Be positive, present, playful, proactive,  and open-minded,
  • Actions: Be on time, ready to contribute, and seek to "go first."  
  • Assumptions:  Be willing to stretch yourself and trust the process.

Build better, brighter, bolder futures

What participants are saying about Leading Well

  • "I was encouraged to do less rather than adding more to my life. It was a game-changer."
  • "I exercise leadership differently after defining my leadership philosophy and practices." 
  • "I received tools to help me give away ministry rather than doing most of it by myself."
  • "The Leading Well program helped me set better work/life boundaries."
  • "The training affirmed many of the gifts I have  to offer others - and what I should no. longer do."
  • The training and resources I received help me help other navigate change in more nimble ways."
  • "I've become more comfortable with being uncomfortable."
  • "Sabbath has been woven into my daily life. It's no longer a once a week mindset."
  • "I've become a more strategic, forward-thinking,  future-oriented leader."
  • "I love the crowdsourcing that we do at the learning retreats and through Facebook."
  • "I'm a more confident, calm, and capable leader now. I no longer try to control everything"
  • "I've become more authentic, transparent, and relational as a leader."
  • "Becoming an ICF-certified coach through this program was an unanticipated surprise."

What transformation are you seeking?

Pastoral Leadership Development Program (PLD) Information

This grant program is available to ELCA Lutheran Pastors serving in Wisconsin & Upper Michigan


 Leadership Development Pathways