Reinvention  Road  Maps 

Align  words and actions with  your  mission,  vision  and  values

What  are  the  benefits  of  using  road  maps?

The comments below are from church leaders you have created and regularly use road maps
  • Putting our intentions into an actionable plan that include due dates for your dreams increases the likelihood of fulfilling them.
  • One of the greatest hindrances for individuals and organization to move forward on their dreams is the lack of clarity about what the "big picture" or preferred future looks like along with the next steps one must take to move toward the goals.
  • When individuals who regularly set, achieve, and celebrate goals for themselves are more likely to set realistic goals for the organizations they seek to serve.
  • Once you've established your quarterly or annual goals, use the road map to make weekly decisions about where to spend your time, energy and money.

Tips  for  using  road  maps

Here are a few tips from consistent goals setters
  • Consider the energy behind each goal you list.  If they aren't important enough, or energize people, then don't list it as a goal!
  • Every goal should have a due date and a point person.  If a goal is assigned to a group, clarify which person on the team will ensure that it get fulfilled.
  • "Good enough is good enough."  Don't belabor getting every goal perfect. Simply get in on paper and continue to refine it.
  • It's okay to drop a goals, defer a goal, and or add news. Be careful about adding too many new goals that may hinder you r capacity to fulfill the ones you already committed to. Keep in mind that when you said "yes" to your current list of goals, that also means you're giving yourself and others permission to  say no to other projects and initiatives.

When  should  you  use  road maps?

Use road maps . . .
  • For yourself to chart a course that helps you intentionally and consistently move toward your preferred future.
  • With your staff to help leaders list and share their ministry goals with their colleagues.
  • With ministry teams as they develop plans and action steps for helping people grow spiritually, extend hospitality, etc.
  • With your elected leaders or congregation to define your goals and action steps for the coming year.

Notes  about  the  sample  road  maps  found  on  this  page

Create and customize your road maps to fit your needs:
  • Many individuals and organizations find breaking annual goals into quarterly "rocks" help. The plans below indicate when the goal will be completed (or worked on if it's a habit).
  • Road maps are designed to be working documents that are updated at least once a quarter to reflect current realities.
  • Consider how your goals are connected to your meetings, schedules, finances, etc. 
  • Most individuals struggle with working on more than 2 or 3 initiatives at a time. Do less but go deeper with what matters most.

Jim's  1  Year  Leading Well  Reinvention  Road  Map  for  2022 

Growing  FAITH 

  • Q1:  Schedule quarterly Sabbath retreats  - Naples,  Cancun,  San Diego,  and Carefree. (done)
  • Q1:  Embed journaling & Daily Examen into morning routine. (doing most days)
  • Q3:  Watch Introduction to the Old Testament via Wondrium. (Just started - love it!)
  • Q4:   Attend Leading Well Retreat in Carefree, AZ.
  • Q4:  Finish listening to the New Testament.  (listening to The Message Bible)

Focusing my  FINANCES

  • Q1:  Budget $2000 for start up costs related to new Coaching podcast. (done/will only need $1000)
  • Q2:  Budget $1500 for editing and setup costs for book, Surface to Soul. (done)
  • Q2:  Save $2000 to buy  bedroom & stairway carpeting. (done/order carpet)
  • Q3:  Purchase/move into new home. (close on 7/15)
  • Q4:  Refinish garage flooring in new home with Perfect Epoxy.

Infusing  FUN  and  adventure  into  my  life 

Q1:  Spring getaway to Naples and Ft. Myers Beach with Gina. (done)
Q2:  Skiing with friends at Telluride (done)
Q2:  Reunion with friends from Peru held in Tulum/Cancun. (done)
Q3:  Family wedding in San Diego; beach time with Gina. (leave 7/7)
Q3:  Set up new home for more frequent entertaining of family and friends.
Q3:  Hiking with friends in Estes Park, CO.
Q4:  Hike Cascade Trail in Washington state.
Q4:  Attend possible coach training event held in San Juan.

FORMING  better  habits (0=never do; 5=always do)

  • 0:  Create and post 3 blogs a week starting July 1st. (too new to tell)
  • 0:  Create 2 Youtube videos per week for clients and Coaching School. (haven't started)
  • 4:  Drink 32 oz of water before 8am (64oz by noon); continue plank & kettlebell routine.
  • 2:  Connect with 2 friends by phone every week.
  • 3:  Maintain zero inbox every day; process emails 3 times a day.
  • 5:  Regularly arise at 5am;  go to bed by 10:30pm.
  • 4:  Average 7500+ steps a day and 50,000+ steps a week.
  • 2:  Schedule  2-hour daily content creation time  blocks.
  • 1:  Read at one book a week; summarize takeaways.
  • 5:  Monitor FICO score; maintain scores within a 780-820 range.
  • 4:  Weigh self daily; rarely eat/snack after 7:30pm

Connecting  with  FAMILY  &  FRIENDS

  • Q1:  Schedule quarterly Sabbath retreats  - Naples,  Cancun,  Rancho Bernardo,  and Carefree. (done)
  • Q1:  Embed journaling & Daily Examen into morning routine. (doing)
  • Q3:  Watch Introduction to the Old Testament via Wondrium. (started July 3rd)
  • Q4:   Attend Leading Well Retreat at Carefree, AZ in November. (booked reservations)
  • Q4:  Listening to the New Testament using the Message Bible. (doing).

Improving  my  FITNESS

  • Q1:  Average 7500 steps/day (52,500/week) via rebounder or walking. (doing)
  • Q2:  Reduce weight to 175#  through increased walking & exercise. (178#)
  • Q2:  Make decisions about the need for shoulder surgery. (not having surgery)
  • Q3:  Participate in a sleep study; focus on better sleeping habits.
  • Q3:  Develop weight-free exercise routine for home & travel  use.

Upgrading  skills  needed  for  the  FUTURE

  • Q1:  Update format and content of all Leading Well tools and resources. (done)
  • Q3:  Populate Surface to Soul Youtube channel for Coaching School.
  • Q3:  Update format and content of all Coaching School tools.
  • Q3:  Update team coaching/marketing chapters in coaching manual.
  • Q3:  Submit coaching hours log; apply for PCC-level ICF certificate.
  • Q3:  Create Udemy-style online learning modules for Coaching School.
  • Q4:  Launch Everyday Reinvention Coaching podcast.
  • Q4:  Learn Final Cut Pro; use to edit work-related Youtube videos.

Piloting  EXPERIMENTS  that  support  reinvention

  • JAN:  Plan tomorrow the night before to ensure a strong morning start. (done/doing)
  • FEB:  Give away 3 things a day to Good Will. (done)
  • MAR:  Don't eat after 8pm for 1 month. (done) - tried intermittent fasting
  • APR:  Don't buy only essential items. (did - failed miserably)
  • MAY:  Give up brewing and drinking coffee. (did - harder than I thought)
  • JUL:  Read 1 book a day. (doing - 2 books read so far)
  • AUG:  Seek to add an affirmations to every email I send to people.
  • SEP:  Write in my gratitude journal every day.
  • OCT:  Take and share a picture everyday via email, text, blog or social media..
  • NOV:  Call one friend or relative every day.
  • DEC:  Go to bed by 10:30pm every night.
Learnings related to the creation and fulfillment of my goals 
  • I overestimate what I can accomplish in the near future (due to unforeseen interruptions in my weekly and monthly schedule) and underestimate what I can accomplish in a given year.
  • My failure to fulfill certain goals can be reflection of my lack of motivation around the goals, a reprioritizing of what I currently think is most pressing, or an indicate that I may need help from others.
  • I need to focus as much on the journey as I do on the destination. I seek a purposeful yet playful mindset for setting and achieving what matters most to me.
  • If I'm collaborating with others, I often struggle using  systems that I  didn't help create. I need to tell others with I need to do my best work.
  • Clutter distracts and depresses me. My follow through is better when I remove the physical and digital clutter.
  • Listening to current affairs and news drains my energy. I'm changing with I listen to, read,  and watch.
  • Small action steps, consistently repeated, lead to significant results.I need to review, at least hourly, today's most pressing goals.

1 Year Road Map for a Congregation "A"

GATHER  to welcome, befriend, and celebrate

  • Q1:  Create welcome video; post on home page; add pictures that reflect our diversity. (Scott)
  • Q2:  Include faith stories/testimonies in worship service twice a month. (Miles)
  • Q3:  Introduce "caring conversations" time into leadership meetings. (Elizabeth)
  • Q4:  Create a Facebook team and posting schedule designed to generate online conversations. (Ella) 
  • Q4:  Provide online and in person hospitality training focused on relationship-building. (Fred)

Help members GIVE  generously  and joyfully

  • Q1:  Launch campaign to increase, by 10%, the number of members who contribute online. (Grace)
  • Q2:  Reframe stories shared about generosity through the lens of Ask, Thank, Tell. (George)
  • Q2:  Include stories of transformation and generosity with quarterly giving statements. (George)
  • Q3:  Update the church website to include the "why" in what we do. (Melanie)
  • Q3:  Include quotes from members and beneficiaries about one engagement and impact. (Melanie)
  • Q4:  Launch giving via text option for donors. (Matthew)

DEVELOP our current and  future leaders

Q1:  Update ministry descriptions for elected and ministry team leaders. (Penny)
Q2:  Update our leadership manual to include tools for leading meetings, planning events, etc. (Penny)
Q2:  Create an Annual Leadership Planning Calendar to help leaders plan ahead. (Diane)
Q3:  Have elected leaders read and discuss the book,  Teams that Thrive. (Nate)
Q4:  Implement "quarterly check-ins" with paid and elected leaders. (Erik)

GROW  a  "home-based"  vibrant  faith  culture

  • Q1:  Highlight parenting, grand parenting, and godparenting as callings in people's lives. (Janet)
  • Q1:  Introduce 1 new spiritual practice households can "try on" each quarter.  (Patrick)
  • Q3:  Provide weekly "take-home" or video-based resources aligned with weekly worship themes. (Jon)
  • Q3:  Pilot 2 new home-based small group studies based on book of the Bible or a book to read.  (Kara)
  • Q4:  Host a Youtube/Zoom 4-week series to support parents in being faith mentors for their kids. (Andrew) 

GO into our neighborhoods to bless and serve people

  • Q1:  Conduct interviews with community leaders. (Kaneesha)
  • Q1:  Gather demographic information about our local community. (Sarah)
  • Q2:  Invite members into community listening exercises about ways our community is changing. (Alex)
  • Q2:  Host lunch with local church leaders to explore ways to intentionally collaborate. (Kamala)
  • Q3:  Plan and promote a "worship in the park" event that includes live music and a barbecue. (Mark)
  • Q4:  Pilot moving 4 or more meetings and events to settings beyond our church walls. (Emily)

DESIGN  betters systems to support reinvention

  • Q1:  Post our mission, vision, values, goals, and leadership resources on our website. (Darrin)
  • Q2:  Update our ministry team rosters; create an email distribution list that includes all leaders. (Cris)
  • Q3:  Pilot not sharing ministry reports verbally; use new monthly reporting template. (Cris)
  • Q3:  Pilot using a Celebrations & Further Discussions Log at staff and elected leader meetings. (Beth)
  • Q4:  Schedule a professional financial audit to be performed for the 2022 financials. (Stan)
Learnings related to setting, fulfilling, and celebrating the completion of goals 
  • As a church, we don't "toot our own horn" and celebrate what God has done in and through us.
  • We don't take time to celebrate our success, learn from our results, nor give ourselves a break between old and new goals. We need to pay closer attention to our progress and pace.
  • Clarifying "who does what by when" has changed the way we consistently execute. I don't know why we didn't set deadlines and assign people to tasks beforehand but it sure has made a difference!

1  Year  Strategic  Planning  Road  Map  for  Congregations

STEP  1  |  Form a  Vision  Team  (2-3  months)

KEY RESULTS:  Recruit and orient your team; Introduce your team to the congregation.
  • Decide on the size of the team; write a ministry description for the team.
  • Identify crucial roles for the team and which team members will fulfill these roles.
  • Decide when meetings will be held, how often, and if they'll be in person or online.
  • Determine how team members will communicate with each other between meetings.
  • Determine where shared documents will be stored and how people will be able to access and add to them.

STEP  2  |  REVIEW  your  ministry  context  (2-3 months)

KEY RESULTS:  Create a Congregation & Community Report; share findings with the congregation.
  • Survey or interview staff and elected leaders; Create SCORE report.
  • Conduct Congregational Vitality Assessments (online survey, focus groups, etc.).
  • Compile a Congregational Identity Report that summarizes the uniqueness of our faith community. 
  • Compile a Community Context Report that summarizes learnings about our local community. 
  • Merge findings into a Congregation & Community Report; host listening sessions with members.

STEP  3  |  RETHINK  what's  possible  (2  months)

KEY RESULTS:  Host a visioning retreat to clarify what matters, our direction, and what to invest in.
  • Develop a pre-work packet for retreat participants.
  • Facilitate a vision-casting retreat to address core values, primary goals and strategies.
  • Identify norms and key messages that reflect emerging goals, values and strategies.
  • Write a Vivid Vision narrative describing God’s preferred future for our organization.

STEP  4  |  REINVENT  ministry  using  a  new  road  map  (2+  months)

KEY RESULTS:  Design a Strategic Plan (Road Map) highlighting key goals, strategies and action steps.
  • Transfer ideas and intentions from visioning retreat to digital road map.
  • Work with staff and Vision Team to develop tasks, timelines and accountability for key initiatives.
  • Meet with elected leaders to review/update lines of authority and timeline for all goals and tasks.



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Learnings along toward reinventing your future 
  • As a church, we don't "toot our own horn" very often. Nor do we regularly celebrate what God has done in and through us.
  • We don't take time to celebrate our success, learn from our results, nor give ourselves a break between old and new goals. We need to pay closer attention to our progress and pace.
  • Clarifying "who does what by when" has changed the way we consistently execute. I don't know why we didn't set deadlines and assign people to tasks beforehand but it sure has made a difference!

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