Reinvent  Leadership

Inspire  people  toward  a  shared  vision

Sabbath Rest

Worship | Rest | Recreation
  • Schedule Sabbath moments into every day.
  • Establish adequate margins for  renewal.
  • Reclaim your interests and hobbies.
  • Do less and delegate more.

Collegial Support

Befriending | Encouraging | Crowd sourcing
  • Participate in a Live Well/Lead Well cohort.
  • Connect online via the LW Facebook Group.
  • Find a mentor to support your next steps.
  • Collaborate on projects with your colleagues.

Practical Learning

Rethink Assumptions | Reimagine Possibilities
  • Attend onsite & online Learning Retreats.
  • Join Master Classes and short-term cohorts.
  • Create an annual Reinvention Road Map.
  • Meet with coach to apply learnings to life.

Meet the Leading Well Planning Team.

Jim LaDoux

Rev. Matthew Short

Director of Coaching Services, Vibrant Faith Ministries
Assistant to the Bishop,
Greater Milwaukee Synod
Jim lives in Minneapolis, has been part of the Leading Well Leadership Team since 2005, and oversees the Leading Well initiative, cohort coaching, and the Siebert grant program.  He finds Sabbath  through journaling, listening to music and podcasts. He lives out his callings as a husband, a father,  a coach, and a small group leader.
Matt lives in the Milwaukee area. He is being trained as a coach, serves as our technology guru, and oversees the Leading Well Facebook Group. Matt finds Sabbath rest through exercise, dwelling in the Word, and listening a variety of music.

Deacon Tammy Devine

Rev. John  Weit

Devine Coaching
Assistant to the Presiding  Bishop, ELCA
Tammy lives in Bloomington, Minnesota. She is a Deacon, a certified coach, and works with Portico related to wholeness. She finds renewal walking, reading the Daily Text, and spending time at her cabin in northern Minnesota.
Deacon John  oversees the work of the worship team within the Office of the Presiding Bishop and provides leadership on the bishop’s behalf in churchwide matters related to worship. This work includes developing and implementing strategies and resources that support worship in synods, congregations, and other local worship assemblies across the ELCA as well as planning and worship leadership for church-wide events. John has served as a musician for congregations in Pennsylvania and most recently as cantor to Trinity Lutheran Church in Worcester,.

Who We Are

We are a Christ-centered, Spirit-driven community of church leaders who strive to live and lead well in the midst of continuous change. We focus on what's present, what's possible, and what God is up to in our lives.

What We Do

We create in person and on-site venues for people to experience authentic relationships that spark collegial conversations around living and leading well. 

What's Different

We believe in the importance to tending to body, mind, and Spirit, and strive to be agile leaders who anticipate and adapt to ministry opportunities and challenges.


February  7 - 10,  2023    |   November  14 - 17,  2022

Onsite retreats are held at Spirit in the Desert Conference Center, located in Carefree, Arizona.  Click here to learn more or register.


2023  Short-Term  Cohort  Coaching  Groups

Tuesdays - February 14 & 28 (10:00-11:30am central)
  • Create job descriptions, Promote position, Interview & select candidates.
  • Onboard staff, develop support network & create 90-day plan.
  • Tips for supervising staff, staff check-ins and reporting.
  • Increasing engagement, accountability & collaboration among staff.
Tuesdays -April 11 & 25  (10:00-11:30am central)
  • Invite people into a journey of generosity.
  • Broaden people's understanding  of stewardship.
  • Growing  a culture of generosity year-round.
  • Growing additional funding streams to support ministry initiatives.

MARCH | Becoming a Welcoming Church  (Enroll Now)

Thursdays - March 2 & 9 (10:00 -11:30 am central)
  • Ways to assess Your church's hospitality.
  • List hospitality touch points and opportunities for engagement.
  • Moving people from guests, to friends, and to partners in ministry.
  • Expanding the hospitality team.
Wednesdays -  May 17 & 31 (11:00am - 12:30pm central)
  • Using the power of small habits to improve your health.
  • Finding what works for you.
  • Stress eating; paying attention to what you eat.
  • Movement, exercise and fitness.

2023  Vibrant  Faith  MasterClasses

A 2023 Winter/Spring MasterClass Season Pass offers you free access to all of the MasterClasses offered between January and June 2023. Use it for your own development and to encourage others from your church ministry volunteers or team to enhance their skills and understanding in their areas of responsibility. You will receive a promo code for your team to be able to register for courses without charge. This season of MasterClass offerings are listed below and are free for Siebert grant recipients  |  For more details, go to

Year-long Cohort Coaching Program 

(partially funded by the Siebert Foundation)

  • Discern one's leadership philosophy, styles, and strengths.
  • Develop an annual Reinvention Road Map for living and leading well.
  • Develop skills for listening, observing and experimenting.
  • Gain support and wisdom from colleagues in your cohort.
  • Create a rhythm of ongoing renewal in life and ministry.
  • 10 monthly cohort sessions & 4 quarterly 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Assistance with developing a Reinvention Road Map.
  • Participation in MasterClasses, Reinvention Labs,  and Facebook Group.
  •  Access to Individual & congregational  assessments.
  • Participation in 1-Day, Core Competencies, and ACC-level coach training.
  • Relate:  Connect with, encourage, and pray for each other.
  • Review:  Share progress on living and leading well initiatives; share learnings.
  • Rethink:  Explore actions and  approaches that align with your preferred future.
  • Reinvent:  Share upcoming plans for living and leading well.
  • Resource:  Share ideas for living and leading well based on a monthly theme

Monthly  Cohort  Coaching  Conversations

 Meet  via  ZOOM Call 408.638.0968 (ID: 541 252 9630) | Online:
Schedule a  COACHING SESSION with Jim  Schedule sessions @
Participants are encouraged to read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  A Failure of Nerve, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, and Crucial Conversations.
Participants are invited to join monthly book discussions, short-term cohort groups, and Master Classes sponsored by Vibrant Faith.

2023  Cohort  Themes

2024  Cohort  Themes

JAN  - Measure what matters
  • Define what does success in life/ministry looks like for you. 
  • Learn ways to measure what matters.
  • Describe what will be your life and ministry legacy will be.
FEB -  Think big; start small
  • Embed the rituals that renew into your daily and weekly schedule.
  •  List which small habits have a big impact on you/your ministry.
  •  Use sprinter tasks to finish projects and make decisions.
MAR - Honor people's callings
  • Name your current callings in life.
  • Invite and equip people to live their callings.
  •  Share stories about people discerning and living their callings.
APR - Develop new leaders
  • Identify and invite people to lead.
  • Align leaders with their superpowers.
  • Create a plan for developing current and future leaders.
MAY - Position people for greater Impact
  • How can you help people find joy while serving?  What prevents people from doing their best work?  Do you help people off the bus?
JUNE - Equip people for ministry
  • What do people need to KNOW to do their best work?  VALUE?  What skills are you helping them develop?.
JUL - Build Better Teams (no meeting - interact via Facebook and blogs)
  • What does a thriving team look like?  How do you create and sustain them?
AUG - Define your leadership style
  • List your beliefs about leadership - what it is and how it's exercised. Describe your leadership style.
SEP - Talk less, listen more
  • Help leaders discern God's intentions.
  • Learn to listen, act, and learn to spark reinvention.
  •  Listen for people's hopes, challenges, calls, and wonderings.
OCT - Building a bias for action
  • What delays decisions and taking action?  What expectations do you communicate to leaders about taking action?
NOV -  Change your norms and expectations
  • Which norms do you regularly review?  Who does the reviewing?  How can  you help others imagine "what if?"
DEC - End well, start strong
  • What were the bright spots, turning points, and learnings this past year?  What will you bring with you into the new year?
JAN - Be proactive
What are your tolerating?  How can you anticipate and plan further ahead?
FEB - Begin with the end in mind
Paint a picture of what living well, and leading well, looks like for you.
MAR - Put first things first
How clear are your current priorities?  What do you need to defer or say no to?
APR  - Think win-win:
How often do you ask for help?  Seek to collaborate?
MAY - Seek to understand rather than be understood
With whom, and about what, do you need to become more curious?  Do you see others as a source of wisdom?
JUNE  -  Improve your communications (no meeting - interact via Facebook and blogs)
What bottlenecks and road blocks do you experience right now?  How might you remove them?
JULY  - Sharpen the Saw
What are you doing for self-care?  Personal growth?  Build capacities?
AUG - Plant hope
In what ways do you inspire hope?  Help others see God at work?  Bring out God's best in others?
SEP - Lead change
What is the change you're seeking?  What makes change hard?  How could you make it easier?
OCT - Change your culture
What do you need to consistently say, do, measure, and celebrate to change your culture?
NOV - Change your conversations
What do you need to talk about but rarely do?  What doesn't need to be discussed?
DEC - Slow down (to reflect); speed up  (to implement)
What would  you like to speed up?  How could you help that happen?  What does exponential change look like?

Sample  LIVING   WELL  Road  Maps 

TREASURE  Plans  for  2022  ( What's  meaningful  &  life-giving  to  me? )

  • Ski Telluride with friends from Colorado (FEB).
  • Beach retreat with Gina in Naples/Ft. Myers Beach (MAR).
  • Attend Ben's wedding  at Ranch Bernardo Inn in July (JUL).
  • Attend Leading Well Retreat (NOV).
  • Schedule quarterly staff "getaway" retreats (DEC).
  • Call 2 friends a week; reconnect with friends via Facebook (ONGOING).

REINVENT  Plans  for 2022  ( What  norms and routines will  I  rethink  and  redesign? ) 

  • How I schedule time for daily and weekly Sabbath moments & create  more "deep dive" events (MAR).
  • What I will turn over and assign to paid staff and freelance workers (AUG).
  • How to reorganize workflows using email, files, Reminders, Notes, and MS Teams (OCT).
  • Who and how often I engage with friends and family members (JUL).
  • Ways I will curate & repurpose content for blogs, website, handout, slides, podcasts, and videos (DEC).

IMPACT  Plans  for 2022 ( Where  do  I  want  to  make  a  difference? )

  • Purchase new home as a place of hospitality (JUL) - customize garage, patio, family room, and workout space (DEC).
  • Create a plan for developing and online coaching community that includes VF coaches and CS students (SEP).
  • Plan and promote Leading Well Retreats (NOV); lead 2 ACC and 3 1-Day Training events. (NOV).
  • Populate Surface to Soul Youtube channel for ACC & PCC Coaching School (JUL).

PIVOT  Plans  for  2022  ( How  will  I  shift  the  use  of  my  time,  energy,  and  attention? )

  • Create space for journaling & Daily Examen at least three times a week.
  • Start listening to the New Testament; finish by the end of the year- listen to while in the car. 
  • Make list of  "deep dive" projects in Reminders; work on two projects per month.
  • Prioritize time to walk, rebound, and exercise 5 days/week.
  • Turn over management of Facebook to Janny; graphic design over to Charity and John.
  • Turnover management of Leading Well Retreats, Leading Well Grants, and Coaching School logistics to Cris.
  • Invest more time into creating Surface to Soul content for pastors and church leaders.
  • Create space for monthly dates with Gina.
2022 Road Map
2023 Road Map

TREASURE  Plans  for  2023  ( What's  meaningful  &  life-giving  to  me? )

  • Go to Ireland, Wales, and England with son, Brett (JAN).
  • Rest and relax with Gina in Phoenix/Tucson (MAR).
  • Reduce weight to 170# (MAR).
  • Ski, bike, kayak or play cards with friends twice a month ( ONGOING ).
  • Invite a friend/family to our home for dinner/dessert once a month (ONGOING).

REINVENT  Plans  for 2023  ( What  norms  and  routines  will  I  rethink  and  redesign? ) 

  • How I equip, collaborate with, and develop staff to support coaching and training.
  • How I schedule time for Sabbath, more margins, deep dives,  and enjoying  hobbies.
  • How I manage workflow by rethinking emails, files, Reminders, Notes, and projects.
  • When and how I regularly engage with friends and family members.
  • Pilot using Udemy-style learning modules for Coaching School content via the STS app.

IMPACT  Plans  for 2023 ( Where  do I  want  to  make  a  difference? )

  • Turnover the planning and promotion of Leading Well Retreats (MAR).
  • Lead 2 ACC and 3 1-Day Training events. (ONGOING).
  • Launch Vibrant Faith's Coaching School Community; pilot Surface To Soul app for church leaders (JAN).

PIVOT  Plans  for  2023  ( How  will  I  shift  the  use  of  my  time,  energy,  and  attention? )

  • Train coaches to work with clients and being a moderator of coaching school conversations.
  • Curate Leading Well and Coaching School  content to be "practical, digestible and plug and play."
  • Reclaim a weekly day of Sabbath filled with rest, play and personal reinvention.
  • Work the Ethan Miller and learn Final Cut Pro to edit Youtube content.

                                                                                            Recent  Learnings  related  to  Living  Well  and  Leading  Well

  • Listening to current affairs and daily news drains my energy.
  • I need to focus as much on the journey as I do on the destination.
  • Small things, consistently repeated, result in major results.
  • Clutter distracts and depresses me. I need to remove the clutter to be creative and mentally focused.
  • Don't organize what should be discarded.
  • Make family and friends.  I need to add them to my schedule or I'll overlook them. 
  • Monthly date nights with my wife are great. We love new restaurants and going to plays
  • I underestimate the time involved in completing  my short-term goals.
  • I underestimate how much I can actually accomplish  in a given year.
  • Reviewing my goals/tasks for every night and creating a "to do" list for the next day is a game changer.
  • Only keep what delights you or is truly functional. 
  • Ask people what's working and what's not working. Build on what's working. Change what isn't working.
  • I struggle using  systems at work that I  didn't help create.  Systems needs to fit the people they serve.
  • Don't organize items that should be discarded.
  • Invite people into conversations that matter more often.
  • Leadership includes helping people live more fulling into their callings in life.
  • Use emails and text messages to be a source of hope and blessing in people's lives.
  • Pray for the people I lead and seek to serve.
  • Strive for clarity - of purpose, of preferred futures, of people's roles and individual contributions.
  • It's hard to reinvent one's life and ministry without reviewing what's present, and dreaming what's possible.
  • Look for way that allow other people to shine.
  • See everyone you meet as a friend, a teacher, and a voice o f wisdom.

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