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Leading Well

Sabbath Rest

Worship | Rest | Recreation
Embed Sabbath moments into every day.
Establish adequate margins for rest and renewal.
Reclaim your interests and hobbies.
List your primary wellsprings in life.

Collegial Support

Befriending | Encouraging | Crowd sourcing
Participate in cohorts for inspiration & encouragement.
Connect online via the LW Facebook Group.
Find a mentor or be a mentor to another pastor.
Collaborate on projects with your colleagues.

Practical Learning

Rethink Assumptions | Reimagine Possibilities
Meet with a Certified coach for transformation.
Join a short-term cohort around a specific theme.
Participate in Master Classes offered year-round.
Attend onsite and online Learning Retreats.

Meet the Leading Well Planning Team.

Rev. Matthew Short

Assistant to the Bishop, Greater Milwaukee Synod
Matt lives in the Milwaukee area. He is being trained as a coach, serves as our technology guru, and oversees the Leading Well Facebook Group. Matt finds Sabbath rest through exercise, dwelling in the Word, and listening a variety of music.

Jim LaDoux

Partner, Vibrant Faith Ministries
Jim lives in Minneapolis, has been part of the Leading Well Leadership Team since 2005, and oversees the Leading Well initiative, cohort coaching, and the Siebert grant program.  He finds Sabbath  through journaling, listening to music and podcasts. He lives out his callings as a husband, a father,  a coach, and a small group leader.

Deacon Tammy Devine

 Coach,  Devine Coaching
Tammy lives in Bloomington, Minnesota. She is a Deacon, a certified coach, and works with Portico related to wholeness. She finds renewal walking, reading the Daily Text, and spending time at her cabin in northern Minnesota.

Who We Are

We are a collection of Christ-centered, Spirit-driven church leaders who strive to live and lead well in the midst of continuous change. We focus on what's present, what's possible, and what God is up to in our lives.

What We Do

We create online and onsite venues for people to experience authentic relationships, and Sabbath rest. We spark collegial conversations and find better ways to live well, lead well, and partner with God's dreams for the world. 

What's Different

We believe in whole-life discipleship, the importance to tending to body, mind, and Spirit, and the need for becoming more agile leaders who can anticipate and adjust to the disruptive challenges facing our churches.


Join us for our next  ABIDING TOGETHER event

Set aside 30-60 minutes every month to rest, reflect, reconnect with colleagues, and rethink the norms and assumptions that shape our lives and ministries. Abiding Together events are held the second Tuesday of every month from 2:00 - 2:30pm central. Feel free to remain online afterwards for prayer and contemplation time, or to connect with others in one or more online meeting rooms.

Register for  upcoming learning  opportunities & 5-session cohort groups

Participate in Monthly Book Discussions  (12:00-12:50pm) focused on living and leading well
Participate in The Future of the Digital Church Master Class  (2 Sessions - May 19 & 26)
Time: 11:00am -12:30pm central   -   Teacher: Rev. Dr. Mark Slaughter
The Future of the Digital Church MasterClass embraces an important premise—online church is here to stay, so ministry leaders need to invest in it. We have an amazing opportunity to expand the reach and impact of our church and the Gospel by creating a strong and compelling online presence. There is no doubt that COVID-19 will leave a lasting impact on the world; however, there is also an opportunity for the Church to harness the energy created from our online presence to establish online congregations. In this webinar we will explore…
  • How to establish a vision for online worship and congregational connectivity,
  • How to create purposeful engagement that leads to spiritual formation,
  • How to develop dynamic content especially designed for the online audience, and
  • How to master practical and tactical skills and resources to maximize your online presence. 
Participate in a  5-Session Cohort Coaching Group ( Cohorts begin in May and end by mid-June)
Join a short-term cohort group that focuses on developing a 1-page plan around a specific ministry areas. Topics to be addressed include:
Groups will be formed based on the # of people  interested and people's time availability.  You may also sign up to receive 1-3 hours of individual coaching related to the topics above if time constraints hinder a cohort from forming. 

Sign up now to indicate your interest and availability.

12-Monthly Cohort Coaching Program (funded by the Siebert Foundation)

  • 24 monthly cohort sessions.
  • Access to training videos and resources.
  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Individual & church assessments.
  • Ongoing dialogue via Leading Well Facebook Group.
  • Access to research articles & book summaries.
  • Assistance with creating a Leadership Formation Road Map
Monthly sessions follow the agenda below. What makes each session unique are the insights, ideas and shared wisdom that comes out of the coaching conversations.
  1. Relate: Check-in, caring conversations, prayer.
  2. Review: Readings, postings, and 30-day goals.
  3. Reflect: Gain insights from wins & challenges.
  4. Refocus: Share 30-day goals and action steps.
  5. Resource: List support needed for next steps.
  6. Wrap up: Summarize learnings; end with prayer

2021  Schedule  of  Monthly  Cohort  Coaching  Themes

These topics are designed to help leaders imagine ways to live well and lead better.  The intent is to translate ideas into actions that lead to transformed lives and ministries.
JANUARY | Measure What Matters 
  • Relate: When and how do you take stock of your life? 
  • Review: In what ways are you living into your legacy? 
  • Refocus: Shuffle steps toward transformation. 
  • Resource: Create or update your Leading Well Plan.

FEBRUARY | Do What Matters Everyday
  • Relate: What are some of your life-giving rituals? 
  • Review: What habits and norms are working for you at church? 
  • Refocus: What new habits/norms might you try-on ? 
  • Resources Habit-stacking practices.

MARCH | Filling Slots VS Fulfilling Callings
  • Relate: What do you know when you’re in the flow? 
  • Review: What are you holding on to that’s draining? 
  • Refocus: What will you do more of this month? 
  • Resource: Book Summary – The Stories We Live.

APRIL | Become a Talent Scout
  • Relate: Who called out your leadership gifts? 
  • Review: Which leaders are you developing?
  • Refocus: How will you identify & invest in leaders?
  • Resource: Article – Sowing Seeds of Possibility.
MAY | Position People for Maximum Impact
  • Relate: Do you have a process for assessing leaders? 
  • Review: Who needs to get off the bus? Why? 
  • Refocus: Who needs a different seat?
  • Resource: Podcasts from Andy Stanley.

JUNE | Develop Current and Future Leaders
  • Relate: In what ways have your leaders grown? 
  • Review: How long is your leadership prospect list? 
  • Refocus: Making plans for building capacities. 
  • Resource: Leadership Development Matrix.

JULY | Upgrade Your Meetings and Events
  • Relate: Which meetings do you dread going to? Why?
  • Review: List agenda items from your last meeting.
  • Refocus: What will you’ll do differently at meetings?
  • Resources: Book Summary – Death By Meeting.

AUGUST | Lead From the Second Chair
  • Relate: Is it easy for you to lead from behind? 
  • Review: Describe the last meeting you had to salvage. 
  • Refocus: Which meetings could use a pre-meeting? 
  • Resources: Book quotes – Leading from 2nd Chair.
SEPTEMBER | Create Vivid Visions
  • Relate: Are your leaders aiming at the bulls eye?
  • Review: Is your mission/vision captivating?
  • Refocus: How are you inspiring a shared vision?
  • Resources: Link to sample Vivid Visions.

OCTOBER | Move Ideas to Implementation 
  • Relate: Do your leaders have a bias for action?
  • Review: What causes great ideas to die on the vine?
  • Refocus: Describe action steps for mobilizing ideas.
  • Resources: Article – The Agile Church.

NOVEMBER | Build a Transparent Culture
  • Relate: How transparent is your congregation?
  • Review: Which ministries needs more transparency?
  • Refocus: List steps for increasing transparency.
  • Resources: Article – The Transparent Church.

DECEMBER | Build a Transparent Culture
  • Relate: What have you stopped/started doing 
  • Review: What have you learned from success/failure? 
  • Refocus: Develop strategies to improve & innovate. 
  • Resource: Case Studies in Church Innovation.

CREATE A PLAN  |  View  a  Sample  Annual  Leadership  Formation  Plan

Grow in FAITH every day

  • Listen to entire Bible via Audible.
  • Watch Introduction to the New Testament via The Great Courses.
  • Plan and schedule quarterly Sabbath retreats (2-3 day events each) - Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, 
  • Define who God has entrusted me to during this chapter in my life .
Completion Date
December 1
August 30
March 31

Create FUN, memorable moments with FRIENDS and FAMILY

  • Take Crater Lake or Utah trip with son Brett.
  • Attend family weddings for Matthew, Eric; family gathering with Ertzgards.
  • Connect with Dave, Jim, Tom, Joan, Patty, Bonnie Sue, and Mark (friends and family members).
  • Plan ski trip to Telluride.

Rethink use of FINANCES to fund retirement, a new home, and increased generosity

August 30
November 30
November 30
  • Pledge to Prince of Peace's 3-year Get it Done campaign.
  • Meet with retirement planner and financial planner; determine anticipated retirement dates.
  • Increase average myFico scores to 815+ before seeking pre-approved mortgage.
  • Explore alternative housing options; possibly move; be pre-approved for a new mortgage.
  • Add. $6000 to retirement IRAs; add $1000/month to retirement contributions.
  • Replace pond-side deck; replace flooring on main level.
August 31
July 31

Developing skills to support a preferred FUTURE

  • Create and populate Youtube channel; create youtube content for Vibrant Faith Coaching School.
  • Learn Final Cut Pro; use regularly fo editing work-related Youtube videos.
  • Create Udemy-style online learning modules for Coaching School.
June 30
November 30

Making FITNESS an integral part of my daily lifestyle

  • Meet with physician and cardiologist regarding ablation surgery; meet with orthopedic surgeon regarding rotator cuff surgery.
  • Reduce weight to 180#; practice 1MAD and intermittent fasting 3 days a week.
July 31

FORM new habits and systems to support living and leading well

  • Create new habits to maintain a zero-inbox and have the capacity to respond in a timely manner.
  • Reclaim 2 3-hour time blocks each week for creative/design time.
May 31
June 30

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