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  • Advance Strategic Planning
  • Agile Engagement
  • Agility Shift
  • Analog Church
  • Be Mean about the Vision
  • Beyond Maintenance to Mission
  • Beyond the Idea
  • Beyond the Prototype
  • Black Box Thinking
  • Building the Bridge as You Walk on It
  • By Design or Default
  • Change
  • Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard to Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times
  • Change and Conflict in Your Congregation
  • Change the Culture, Change the Game
  • Change Your Church for Good
  • Changing the Conversation
  • Charting Change
  • Choosing Change
  • Church Leadership Essentials
  • Church Leadership
  • Church Revitalization Checklist
  • Church Transfusion
  • Church Unique
  • Clarity First
  • Cracking Creativity
  • Cracking Your Church's Culture
  • Creating Your Church's Culture
  • Discerning God's Will Together
  • Discerning Your Congregation's Future
  • Disruption
  • Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization
  • Doing the Math of Mission
  • Dream Big, Think Small
  • Everywhere You Look
  • Holy Conversations
  • How to Thrive in Chaos
  • Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World
  • Leveling the Church
  • Making Shifts without Making Waves
  • Making the Shift Field Guide
  • Mapping Innovation
  • Memories, Hopes, and Conversations
  • Missional Renaissance
  • Missional Worship, Worshipful Mission
  • Navigating the Future
  • Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
  • Open Source Church
  • Paid to Think
  • Pursuing God's Will Together
  • Quietly Courageous
  • Re: Vision
  • Recreating the Church
  • Reframation
  • Reframing Hope
  • Reframing Organizations
  • Reimagining Collaboration
  • Renew
  • Sailboat Church
  • Shift 2.0
  • Shift: Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church
  • Start This Stop That
  • Strategic Planning: A Pragmatic Guide
  • Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard
  • Ten Types of Innovation
  • The Agile Church
  • The Anticipatory Organization
  • The Creativity Leap
  • The Five Faces of Genius
  • The Five Most Important Questions
  • The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations
  • The Four Lenses of Innovation
  • The Gathered and Scattered Church
  • The Kingdom Connected
  • The Power of Asset-Mapping
  • The Power of Moments
  • The Post-Quarantine Church
  • The Practice: Shipping Creative Work
  • The Road to Better Habits
  • The Shaping of Things to Come
  • The Strategy Visioning Workshop Journal
  • Thriving Communities
  • Transformational Church
  • Transforming Congregational Culture
  • What Got You Here Won't Get You There
  • Whole Church: Leading from Fragmentation to Engagement


                  BLOG   Recommendations 

  • Carey Nieuhoff
  • Church Marketing University
  • Greg Atkinson (worship & first impressions)
  • Growing Leaders (youth ministry)
  • Mark Howell (small group ministry)
  • Thom Rainer (ministry revitalization)
  • YM Sidekick  (youth ministry)
  • Chuck Lawless
  • The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill:
    o   Love Period:
    o   Code Switch:

  • Carey Nieuwhof
  • Joshua Reich
  • Rookie Preacher
  • Charles Stone
  • Rich Birch
  • Dan Reiland
  • Desiring God
  • Outreach Magazine
  • Aspen Group
  • Brett Powell
  • Chemistry Staffing (staffing/supervision)
  • Russell Moore
  • ThoM Rainer (Leadership)
  • Tony Morgan Live
  • The Unstuck Group  (Consultants)
  • Vanderbloemen (systems)
  • Youth Cartel (Faith Practices)
  • Kurt Bubna 
  • Brandon A. Cox 
  • Kevin DeYoung
  • Peter Englert
  • J.D. Greear
  • Pastor Joe McKeever
  • Thomas McDaniels

 PODCAST  Recommendations


  • Greg Atkinson (worship & first impressions)
  • Growing Leaders (youth ministry)
  • Mark Howell Live (small group ministry)
  • Rookie Preacher
  • SwissMiss (high-quality content for creative professionals)
  • Thom Rainer (ministry revitalization)
  • Youth Cartel (youth ministry)
  • YM Sidekick  (youth ministry)
  • Chuck Lawless
  • Visual Journal (images of graphic design, branding, and visual communication)
  • H-P
  • Abduzeedo (design, illustration, photography)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Blog (inspiring content, usage instructions, tutorials)
  • Adobe 99U (useful guides and tips on entrepreneurship to work-life balance)
  • Church Marketing University (communication/marketing)
  • Creative Bloq (tutorials, product reviews, buying guides)
  • Design Week (graphics, product design, and branding projects)
  • ID Identity Design (branding and identity design)
  • It’s Nice That (well-curated mix of illustration and graphic design projects)
  •   Kurt Bubna
  • Outreach Magazine
  • Pastors
  • Greg Atkinson  Worship Impressions and the First Impressions Conference.
    Ron Edmondson – As a consultant and coach, for almost 20 years Ron has helped thousands of leaders and organizations get better.
  • Russell Moore –
  • Tony Morgan Live –
  • Brett Powell –
  • Thom Rainer –
  • All There is (Anderson Cooper)