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Engage people in ministry based on their gifts, passions and time constraints.

13 questions to ask your volunteers

If we seek to share the ministry with people who are invested in our Christian communities, then how we invite them into ministry and position them for maximum impact is critical.  Here are 13 questions I frequently ask volunteers (partners in ministry) before and during their period of service. Questions discerning WHERE a person might

Myths that get in the way of ministry

Myths that get in the way of ministry

The assumptions we hold about ministry may be the reason we feel like we’re in a rut rather than a groove. Listed below are  5 myths I frequently observe when coaching congregations. Myth 1: We cannot place expectations on our members. Community organizations and sports clubs have no problem communicating clear expectations about people’s involvement yet

Filling Slots VS. Honoring Vocations

There was a time in my life when I was responsible for “recruiting” a sufficient number of teachers in order for the Sunday School program to run smoothly. As time went on, however, I began to realize the importance of “calling” the right people into teaching ministry as a way of helping them discover, develop