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Set 30-day goals that reflect current realities.

Are you rehashing or reimagining ministry?

As  I read several congregations’ newsletters and ministry plans, I get the impression that most plans being made for the 2014-15 ministry year are simply a rehash of what’s been done in the past.  The planning processes seem to revolve around “what’s been” rather that “what might be?”  I think what’s missing in many congregations

Why transformation efforts fail

In a few hours I head to France to enjoy the sights of Paris and to participate in the Taize community.  Joining a dozen or so young adults, it will be a time of learning and laughter filled with many new insights and experiences. Engaging with other cultures requires individuals to change, adapt, and be

Take time to reflect

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” ― John Dewey Whether it’s a worship service, training event or a conference, I’m concerned about how little time people allocate to reflecting upon and exploring the implications of what they have learned or experienced. When I ask pastors and faith formation directors what

Work smarter; live better

A question I often ask leaders I coach is, “What do you do for fun?” and more often than not, they answer, “Not much.” We’ve allowed ministry to consume our lives to the detriment of our families, fitness and overall quality of life.  We have normalized 55+ hour work weeks rather than stepping back and

Ten tips for orienting leaders

If our goal is to bring out the best in our leaders and help them contribute to fulfilling the congregation’s mission, then we need to take time to orient them about what matters most and what they absolutely need to know or be able to do to be successful. Group orientation sessions seem to be

Thinking strategically

This month we’ll be addressing ideas and concepts related to thinking strategically and how to develop short-term and long-term strategic plans that reflect God’s intentions, energize members and bear fruit.  As I’ve observed congregations that have been successful in living into God’s preferred future for their organization, I’ve noticed that they have these four habits

10 reasons why we have trouble getting things done

Why can’t we get anything done?  If we’re so well trained and so well informed, then why aren’t we a lot more effective?  Here are 10 reasons why I feel that there’s a gap between what people know and what they do. 1. Doing something requires … doing something! It’s easier and safer to have conversations

Moving forward, faster in meetings

“After all is said and done, a lot is said and little is done.”  This quote reminds me of my experience at many meetings I observe.  It makes me think of when I go to the gym and I see people who chat with others, walk around the equipment but never seem to get around

What get’s inspected, get’s improved

Evaluating programs, practices, people and promotions should be an ongoing process.  Evaluating meetings, events and activities can be done in just a few minutes.  One of my favorite exercises is the “10 finger” technique where one has participants raise their hands and use their fingers to vote, asking questions such as “On a scale of