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Use multiple styles and platforms to deliver a clear, compelling message.

8 tips to pass on to annual meeting presenters

8 tips to pass on to annual meeting presenters

Many churches are preparing for their annual meetings taking place the end of January. How might you make these events a time of celebration and a time for inspiring people about what’s next as your live into God’s intentions for your church? Start with helping every presenter become a storyteller, sharing tangible ways your church

7 ways to turn criticism into constructive critique

7 ways to turn criticism into constructive critique

Effective leaders learn to provide timely, grace filled feedback that results in bringing out the best in their paid and volunteer team members. The challenge is to offer feedback that is well-received and enables people to act on it. Listed below are seven tips for turning criticism into constructive critique. Always request permission before you

The ABCs of effective communication

Every congregation needs clarity about why it exists, who they seek to reach, how they will serve their intended audience and what value, in the form of transformed lives and communities, they seek to provide.  But clarity isn’t enough.  The purpose and priorities of an organization have to be communicated in ways that people understand,

Are you sending mixed messages?

A question I always ask myself after an onsite training or coaching visit is, “Would I join this church if I was new to the area?” The congregations where I struggle to respond with a heartfelt “yes” are the ones that send me mixed messages. Simply put, their words and actions don’t seem to reflect what

10 tips for creating emails that people read

After spending the last several hours reading, replying and deleting 500+ emails in my inbox, I decided to take a short break and offer my “top 10” list on how to create emails that people actually read and respond to. If time is people’s most valuable resource, consider ways you can write emails that are

Mission statements or taglines?

25 years ago, Nike created a three word tagline than can be readily recited by millions of people. Few people, however, could repeat  its current mission statement which is, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” As congregations wrestle with how best utilize a tagline or mission statement, it’s important to

Everyone communicates, few connect

This month I’ll be highlighting a number of communication tools for leaders to help them articulate what matters most to your congregation in ways that connect with others and cause people to take action. In his book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, John C. Maxwell takes readers through the Five Connecting Principles and the Five Connecting

What’s a picture worth?

Visual images  allow us to communicate in ways that  words aren’t always capable of. Think of the Vietnam War and the naked girl running from a napalm attack. Think of the two airplanes flying into the World Trade Center. Think of the Neil Armstrong taking his first step on the moon. Think of the imagery

Do you have an elevator speech?

When a guest after worship or your next door neighbor states, “Tell me about your church,” what do you say? Are you caught off guard?  Does your response ramble on about things that don’t really matter? I encourage congregations I coach to create an “elevator speech” that concisely, concretely describes the essence of their congregation.