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8 tips to pass on to annual meeting presenters

8 tips to pass on to annual meeting presenters

ca. 2001 --- Rowers Rowing Boat --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

ca. 2001 — Rowers Rowing Boat — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Many churches are preparing for their annual meetings taking place the end of January. How might you make these events a time of celebration and a time for inspiring people about what’s next as your live into God’s intentions for your church? Start with helping every presenter become a storyteller, sharing tangible ways your church has impacted people’s life and transformed your community. Here are some practical tips I give our story tellers no matter how long they have been at it.

  1. Maintain eye contact ALWAYS – Any time you look down at a paper in your hand you place an impenetrable wall between you and those you are ministering to.
  2. Make the content reflect who you are – Avoid reading or memorizing your script. Find ways to express your key messages in ways that reflect your style and perspective. Share what your most passionate about and say it in your own unique way.
  3. Be over animated – you always come across more subdued that you really are.
  4. Use peaks, valleys and pauses – Few things create tension for a story then proper use of vocal inflection. Most people are comfortable with one particular vocal range. The problem is kids get used to your “normal” voice. If you want kids to be on their edge of their seats speak softly and then build to get much louder.
  5. Point people to God’s work taking place through your hands –  make sure that every story points people to ways that God has been at work in your church.
  6. Highlight a scripture passage – Reinforce your message with scripture passage that anchors your key points.
  7. Show people how lives are being changed through images, video, and quotes – Demonstrate how transformation is taking place through the use of sights, sounds, smells, touch and more. Make your presentation a sensory experience.
  8. Highlight a key word or theme – Find a word, phrase or metaphor for the meeting and ties all the presentations together in a memorable way.

Begin now to make your annual meeting a meaningful, memorable event that serves as a springboard to a better, brighter future and everyone rowing in the same direction for 2017.

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