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When balls get dropped

When balls get dropped

sts_whenballsgetdroppedFor projects to move forward, every team member needs to do their part at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, balls often get dropped by one or more team members which often delays the entire project. How do we ensure that this doesn’t become a common occurrence? I’ve found three  strategies that seemed to lesson these situations:

  1. I started reviewing commitments made along with their deadlines at the end of each meeting.
  2. I specifically ask each person who has made a commitment, “Can I count on you to complete what you’ve committed to within the timeframe provided?” There’s something very powerful about asking people to make a personal commitment.
  3. I send brief emails or text messages to project coordinators one week BEFORE the due date to ensure that sufficient progress is being made.

When I serve as a project coordinator or meeting convener, I realize that much of my work is behind the scenes, checking with each team member to ensure that he or she has what’s needed to make decisions and move forward as a team when we meet face to face.

What you do to ensure that projects stay on track? What do you do when balls get dropped? Please share your thoughts and insights.

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