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7 ways to turn criticism into constructive critique

7 ways to turn criticism into constructive critique

Effective leaders learn to provide timely, grace filled feedback that results in bringing out the best in their paid and volunteer team members. The challenge is to offer feedback that is well-received and enables people to act on it.
Listed below are seven tips for turning criticism into constructive critique.
  1. Always request permission before you offer feedback by asking, “Is this a good time for me to offer you some feedback?”
  2. Speak directly to the person and use his or her name.
  3. Provide specific feedback on what was done well and why it was effective.
  4. Provide specific feedback on what could be improved and why.
  5. Provide practical suggestions for improvement.
  6. Remember this key phrase: “The next time … or in the future “
  7. As changes in behavior take root, reinforce the changes with words of affirmation.
If there’s an unmet expectation, or a behavior that needs changing,  I prefer NOT to sandwich the desired change between a compliment, a critique and another compliment.

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