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The power of less

The power of less

blogslide_thepoweroflessAs I seek to “travel lighter,” I’ve become more aware of how I unnecessarily complicate my life and distract myself from “the vital few” that matter most. I’ve abandoned complex workouts, preferring to focus on just four daily exercises – walking 10,000 steps, doing pushups or bench presses, and performing crunches and lunges. The simpler I make things become, the more likely I am like I am to follow through. The fewer things I have, the easier it is to find what I’m looking for without the need to organize everything.

From workouts to websites, simplicity can make a big difference. Focus on the fundamentals, rather than delving into the details.

  • Want your computer to run faster? Close unnecessary programs.
  • Want to a stronger core? Stop wasting energy on unrelated exercises.
  • Want to read more books?  Quit reading newspapers and watching TV.
  • Want more people to read your website? Stop distracting them with nonessential content, buttons, and widgets.
  • Want to master key skills?  Quit diffusing your efforts over multiple projects.

Learning to ignore, reduce, and remove the nonessential choices leads to making better choices regarding the ones that really matter. Simplicity becomes harder when having to choose between two good options. But those choices are just as important and often require prayerful discernment. It requires knowing what you have said “yes” to in order to say “no.”

Decide what is really important to you and eliminate the rest. Simplifying your options can improve your decision-making because it’s so much easier to do the right thing when you’re not surrounded by the extra things. The simplest way to improve your performance and execution is to eliminate the things that distract you from what matters most. What might you let go of in order to be at your very best?

Some Toughts (2)

  1. added on 19 Jan, 2015

    What a beautiful reflection Jim. I have to say, as I open doors to lots of change and newness in 2015 I am excited to declutter my life and only saying yes to what I love and fuels me, everything from excess stuff to excess committee obligations. Being empowered to do less, better and say no to make the yes’s better. What a call in ministry as well, to let go of the things God is not calling us to, to create time to listen and be present in the spirit. Blessings on your day, Kelly Preboski

  2. added on 20 Jan, 2015

    What I might let go of to be at my very best:
    When meeting with youth – I am working to plan less. Instead of trying to pack every single thing into an hour with them, I am trying to do less. If we have extra time at the end of our time together, we (not just I) find a way to fill the time. It brings us all to talk more, share more, and create better relationships.
    When working on my computer – I have a “To Do list” document where I write everything that has to get done this week, this month, or sometime in the next 6ish months. I’ve noticed that when I’m stalled (or struggling) with my current task, I go back to the “To Do list” and get bombarded with all the other things to do…. Then I usually go to FB, check email, or go take care of a minor task. My goal and my hope is to set myself on a task, close my “To Do list” and open it again once the task is completed.
    I also want to let go of the fact that EVERYTHING will get done. That is never going to happen, and thank God for that, because I always want something to look forward to at work.

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