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Are you making it easy to give?

KP_DollarinBasket 21-15-45When I need cash, I often hit up my one of my sons. Why? Because I rarely go to a bank since my  paycheck is deposited directly into my checking account, and I rarely go to an ATM to get cash. Since most places accept a debit or credit card, and I pay bills and make contributions online, I rarely have a need to carry cash or a checkbook. Last month, I wrote two checks a month. Rarely do I write more than five. I love autopay and online giving. It simplifies my life and ensures that obligations I have and pledges I make are fulfilled.

Recently, I was approached by the treasurer of the Soccer Booster Club to pay my son’s soccer dues. He pulled out his iPad and asked, “Could we take care of your payment right now?”  After making payment, I asked him how this payment setup was working for him. He stated, “It’s been a night and day difference in trying to obtain payments from families. Parents never seemed to have their checkbooks with them, and rarely did they have enough cash.  Even though they could go online and make payment its seemed like it was always a challenge to get people to do so.  Once we made easy for them to give on the spot, my job has been a piece of cake.”Most congregations I visit seem to invite people to give spontaneously to various giving opportunities.  The only opportunity that received more than a few bucks from me (what was left in my pocket), was one that accepted payments for Habitat For Humanity via the Square payment system.
I often wonder if I would have been a more frequent and generous giver I was given opportunities to donate in ways that didn’t require cash or a check. Is it time for congregations to reconsider how they can make it easier for people to give joyfully, generously and consistently to ministries that grow faith and build God’s kingdom?

Some Toughts (2)

  1. Jeremy Force
    added on 22 Apr, 2014

    I would have to agree about changing how we accept gifts. I am the same way, I rarely have cash because of electronic deposit and a debit card, I never go to the bank. Yet at my local church, they do not get a gift from me unless I remember to write the check or go the bank and get cash. We I ask about electronic giving, the response is “it cost to much” or ” it is not what we want to do”. They are just missing an opportunity to strengthen their ministry. Everything else we give to as a family, we can do with a credit card or electronic, but not the church and it misses out opportunities.

    We have also just got ourselves into taking credit cards at camp, I am excited to see how it simplifies our lives and what kind of giving we might receive from this new way accepting gifts. We live in a time where we need to meet folks where they are rather than expecting them to come to us in our way.

  2. added on 28 Apr, 2014

    We have something in place now but it is not being utilized much. I think there are several reasons. When they implemented it, it was not as commonly done, the system we used is not the most up to date and people are not aware. I am going to find out more information myself and start getting the word out there. I think many people will find this a great convenience and it will allow us to remain more consistently on budget. I am one who rarely writes a check anymore and when I do, it is to church!

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