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Changing our team conversations

Changing our team conversations


Ministry teams can easily become stuck by spending their time on things that don’t really matter.  I often refer to Anthony Robinson’s book, Changing the Conversation, during training sessions, reminding teams to pay closer attention what they’re discussing when they spend time together.

Listed below are topics you may wish to include at one or more of your upcoming team meetings. This list was recently shared with a Faith Formation Task Force.

  1. Discuss where people are at in their faith journey, and how you help them discern the next step for growing as a follower of Christ. Don’t assume that everyone is at the same place in their faith, and has the same needs and desires.
  2. Discuss ways to engage people with the Bible rather than simply providing more ways to impart information.
  3. Explore ways that people’s life and faith stories can be shared more frequently – in person, online and in printed publications.
  4. Explore ways to develop significant relationships within existing groups and gatherings rather than planning more programs to accomplish the same objective.
  5. Explore pathways for helping people grow in faith beyond what happens in the congregation.  Make a list of books members can read, podcasts they can listen to, online courses to register for,  and people who are willing to be faith mentors.
  6. Determine indicators for measuring people’s faith maturity in addition to measuring people’s activity in church functions.
  7. Brainstorm ways people can practice faith by serving the needs of the community in addition to serving the needs of the congregation.
  8. Learn how each team member has been practicing faith in their home and in the community. Learn from each other what’s working and what’s not working for them. Explore ways to have these stories shared with members.
  9. Discuss ways to measure the impact and effectiveness of current ministries and faith formation initiatives. Discuss what ministries and programs should be eliminated before discussing new programs, ministries and practices to be added.
  10. Identify what’s working and what’s impactful. Explore ways to build on the “bright spots” of ministry.

What’s discussed, gets acted upon. What’s measure, gets improved.  How might you need to change the conversations your team is having to get a different result?

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