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fullsizeoutput_5960Vibrant Faith Ministries has a ritual of regularly recites our mission statement and the following covenant at our weekly meetings. This 60 second agenda item reminds team members how we intend to treat one another as we fulfill our mission. It provides a foundation for describing what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t, giving members permission to raise concerns if they feel the covenant has been broken.  It reminds participants of the important role they play in creating a healthy team. Here’s what we read every Tuesday.

Our COVENANT: As members of this faith community, we commit to:

  • Affirm, encourage, support, pray for, and bless one another.
  • Appreciate and affirm each other’s gifts, backgrounds, and viewpoints.
  • Speak well of each other to build up the body of Christ.
  • Communicate with each other in honest, open Christ-like ways.
  • Commit to ongoing personal, professional, and spiritual growth.
  • Be open to new ways of seeing and doing things.
  • Nurture a culture of ongoing regard.

You may wish to create a covenant for the congregation you’re serving or help team members create a covenant for their ministry teams. Listed below are some steps for creating a covenant.

  1. Begin by adding your mission, vision and values statements to a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Using VFM’s bullets found in the covenant listed above, ask participants to give a “thumbs up or down” on each statement. Add the “thumbs up” statements to the blank sheet of paper. A “thumbs up” by all participants indicates they’re willingness to be held accountable for honoring this statement.
  3. After going through the VFM covenant, ask, “What else do we need to add to the list in order for our congregation or this leadership team to thrive?”
  4. Type the the agreed upon statements, print a copy for every leader to review. Ask leaders to sign a master copy indicating that they’re willing to be held accountable for each other statements.
  5. Provide a copy of the signed covenant to all participants.
  6. Determine when and where the covenant will be regularly recited.
  7. Discuss how your team address any breaches in honoring the covenant.

If you currently have and use a covenant, please share it below along with any benefits you’ve seen as a result of having a covenant that’s regularly recited.


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