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Letting go of not letting go

Letting go of not letting go

While waiting for my flight home from Detroit to Minneapolis today, I heard two men despairing about the decline in worship attendance at their congregations. Both highlighted pending changes they were hoping would taking place in the near future – replacing the minister, hiring a youth worker and creating better advertisements to promote their congregation in the community.  What I found most interesting about their comments was that others needed to change their behavior while they did not. In fact their resistance to personal change showed up in a few of the comments I overheard:
… I’m not going to turn worship planning over to a bunch of 20-somethings
… I’m not going to risk speaking my truth to the pastor or other leaders.
… but I’m not give up the influence I have right now with the endowment committee.

The church began as a transforming presence in the lives of people and their communities and must continue to be an agent of change, seeking to build God’s kingdom. This change begins with us as the Spirit blows in and through our lives and ministries.

Have you opened yourself to God’s transforming presence?  Do you and members of  your congregation have skin in the game?  Are they willing to do things differently to get a better result?  Do they see themselves as part of God’s restoration project of the world?  Perhaps it’s time for us to let go of not letting go so that we can be used more fully in advancing God’s kingdom.  What might “letting go” look like in your life?

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  1. added on 14 May, 2013

    Jim, as always your insights are so timely and relevant. Thanks

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