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Is it time to look in the mirror?

Is it time to look in the mirror?

I was recently reminded  that when things don’t pan out as we had hoped, the first step may be to look in the mirror, asking ourselves what we  might have done to contribute to the unintended result.  I wonder how often we hold people back when we “encourage” our leaders in ways that are not particularly helpful.  So often our words and actions contradict our best intentions.  Listed below are some questions that may suggest ways our  “encouragement” hasn’t always been helpful.



Do I encourage people to:.

  • be loyal, but not take risks?
  • read responsively, but not pursue spiritual disciplines?
  • serve offices, but not shepherd people?
  • go to church, but not shape a lifestyle?
  • analyze our faith, but not integrate it?
  • like our faith, but not live it?
  • be a fan of Jesus, but not a follower?
  • manage institutions and programs, but not multiply ministries?
  • build strategic plans, but not seize emerging opportunities?
  • to explain bad things, but not overcome dysfunction?
  • be faithful, but not transformed by joy and gratitude?

Perhaps our biggest mistake is that we only encourage our leaders, but never seriously train them to be lifelong followers of Christ. What kind of encouragement do your leaders need right now?

Some Toughts (2)

  1. Elaine Becker
    added on 18 Nov, 2012

    I agree that we get hung up on some of the listed items. Speaking only for us here at Pec I think we will need to be much more intentional about what we are doing to change things. To have an end-focus instead of an immediate focus – which is so very difficult in this society and at this current time, when many need instant gratification or instant results. We’ll be taking a closer look at all the above and will be making changes accordingly.

  2. Elaine White
    added on 27 Nov, 2012

    It all hinges on whether you are in the business of feeding sheep or counting sheep. Changing leadership and shifting perspective has made all the difference for us.

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