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Timeless leadership truths

Timeless leadership truths


In the book, The Truth about Leadership, Barry Posner and James Kouzes share 1o truths about leadership.  I’ve found these truths or principles to be particularly helpful for congregational ministry.  The ten truths are below as well as two of my own truths. Please share which leadership truths you embrace . Are there other truths you’d add to the list?

  1. You make a difference
  2. Credibility is the foundation of leadership
  3. Values drive commitment
  4. Focusing on the future sets leaders apart
  5. You can’t do it alone
  6. Trust rules
  7. Challenge is the crucible for greatness
  8. Either you lead by example or you don’t lead at all
  9. The Best leaders are the best learners
  10. Leadership is an affair of the heart
  11. Leaders are like architects – providing a mental picture of the future, a plan for moving forward, and what resources are needed to complete the task
  12. Great leaders understand the power of stories to communicate what’s important and to capture people’s imagination

One Comment

  1. Karen Schultz
    added on 14 Nov, 2012

    I have found that good leaders include team members in all processes of forming, visioning and implementing what ever they are about…or they obtain “buy-in” through inclusion. They are not threatened by others gifts, nor are they averse to taking some risk in allowing others to shine…or sometimes stumble.By doing these things, new leaders often are grown/emerge. I agree with all twelve of these truths.

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