Measure what matters

I wish it was easy to measure ministry effectiveness. We measure thing that are easy rather than the things that matters, and as a result, we pour our time, money and energy into activities that  have limited impact on growing relationships, growing vibrant faith, and growing people's engagement in God's mission.

What would happen if we avoided "reacting" and spent more time reflect, rethink, and re-imagine betters ways to live out our lives and our ministries?. What if we quit asking the easy questions and ask ones that were more consequential?  Listed below are questions I frequently ask myself and others to help ensure that we discuss what matters, do what matters, and measure what really matters:

  1. In what ways am I (are we) helping people know and follow Christ? How do we know?
  2. Who is God calling me to invite into my life and invest in?
  3. How will this activity lead to people's deeper connect God, with others, and with God's mission?
  4. What does deeper connection with God look like? What are some indicators?
  5. What does deeper connection with others look like? How would we measure it?
  6. What does deeper connection with our community look like? What would be the scorecard?
  7. How many of our members/ministry partners have a sense of what God is calling them to do "next?"
  8. What are the practices, rituals, and traditions we hope would " show up" within people's household settings? What would make it easier for them to practice faith at home?
  9. Who is God calling me to mentor this year?  Who could be mentors for me?

When we ask better questions, we get better results. If we're going to create a ministry scorecard, then let's figure out what's worth measuring. What matters most in your life and ministry?

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