Measure what matters

As many of us prepare to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’m reminded of how easy it is in football to know who’s winning and what the score is.

Sometimes I wish it was just as easy for us as congregational leaders to measure our ministry effectiveness.

One way of getting at what matters most in ministry is asking the questions that relate to fulfilling our mission and creating a culture that nurtures vibrant faith. Here are a few questions I often ask myself and others:

1. In what ways are we helping members become life-long followers of Christ?

2. How are we helping members become missionaries who transform their communities?

3. In what ways are equipping parents to practice faith at home with their children?

4. Are we developing leaders who in turn help develop future leaders?

I invite you to share some of the questions you ask yourself and other leaders to stay focused on what matters most.  I invite you to share how you “keep score” concerning what matters most in ministry.
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