Questions to ask your team

Team members need to take responsibility for ensuring the success of the team.  This requires team members to be positive and proactive.

Listed below are some questions I often ask when serving on a team.  These questions help me do my best work, help me discern if I’m a good fit and help me explore ways to contribute to the team’s success.

Do I know what is expected of me? If not, do I find out?
Do I have the information, materials and equipment I need to do my best  work? Do I communicate what my needs are to others?
Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best on behalf of my team? Do I offer suggestions for ways my gifts might be best utilized?
In the last month, have I received acknowledgement, recognition or praise for doing good work? How often do I affirm the work of my team mates?
Does the team leader and other team members seem to care about me as a person? How well do I care for the needs of the team?
Do my team members encourage my personal and spiritual development?  Who am I encouraging?
Do team member value my perspectives and opinions? Do I invite others to share their opinions and ideas?
Am I passionate about the purpose of this team and what we’re seeking to accomplish? Is my passion reflected in my words and actions?
Are my team members committed to quality work and making a difference?  Do I help create a sense of urgency for moving forward?
How well do I know my team members?  What am I doing to deepen these relationships?
These questions cause me to think differently about what it means to be part of the team and usually change what I say and do as a team member. What might you say and do differently as a result of how you answered these questions?

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