Answering the \"why bother\" question

A pastor called me last week to find out how I could help their congregation grow. I asked him two basic questions, “What kind of growth are you looking for?” and “What does your congregation offer people that would compel them to want to participate in its mission and ministries?” This led to a great conversation about “why should people bother” being part of the church.

As leaders, we must first answer this question for ourselves. I’m looking for a faith community where I find hope and experience belonging; where I can learn how to extend and receive forgiveness; where I can discover a sense of purpose and direction; where I can learn more about who this Jesus is and how I might follow him more intentionally.

What serves as the “goal post” or primary purpose of your ministry? What do you want people experience when they walk into your home or your congregation? How would you answer the “Why bother” question for your congregation? Your youth group? Your small group ministries? Your home as a mission outpost? Please share your wisdom.
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