The Ripple Effect

7 09 2012

What’s the longterm impact of your actions? What is the legacy you wish to leave for your loved ones and the congregation you serve?  At our certification schools, we talk a lot about the ripple effect of our actions and how we can direct our time and energies toward the things that matter most in life and in faith formation. The principles and practices found in our Vibrant Faith Frame are based on three decades of research and have proven to have a ripple effect in the lives of individuals and faith communities.  The Vibrant Faith Frame emphasizes the importance of building authentic relationships with each other, partnering home and congregation, equipping parents and grandparents to be the primary faith shapers of their children and grandchildren, modeling faith practices and viewing faith formation as a lifelong adventure.

Are you paying attention to the ripple effects of your actions?  Have you discerned the legacy you want to leave for your congregation?  Are your efforts leading to the development of mature followers of Christ who are equipped to be the church in our communities and to build disciples?

I invite you to share the activities you regularly engage in that lead to building disciples and growing God’s kingdom.



One response

19 10 2012

I’ve been using this metaphor a lot lately. It gets us thinking long term about how we live our faith has lasting impact and demonstrates that affecting a leader’s skills will ‘ripple’ in their family and congregation.

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